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Vegan Beauty: Natural Ways To Deal With Pregnancy Acne

by | March 19, 2019

A lot of women experience acne during pregnancy. Even if you never suffered acne as a teenager, you can develop pimples while you are pregnant. It is more common during the first and second trimesters. Pregnancy acne is very common; one out of every two pregnant women may develop mild to severe acne.

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What is the cause of acne during pregnancy?

Hormones: Surges of progesterone can cause your glands to secrete an oily waxy substance called sebum. This can clog pores and lead to bacterial build up and breakouts.

Natural Ways To Deal With Pregnancy Acne

Many prescription and over-the-counter treatments aren’t safe to use while pregnant. You should definitely consult with your healthcare provider to discuss ance treatments that are safe for you and your baby. There are a few drug-free home remedies that you can try.

Apple cider vinegar

Using a cotton ball, apply a mix of one part raw apple cider vinegar and three parts water to the skin. The enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids in the vinegar will help to dry out the acne.

Lemons and Limes

Use a cotton ball to apply freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice directly to the zits. Rinse off your face with cool water after ten minutes. This will help unclog pores and exfoliate dead skin.

Coconut oil

With clean hands, apply virgin coconut oil to the skin at nighttime before bed. Coconut oil has amazing antibacterial and antifungal properties and is also incredibly soothing for the skin.

Oatmeal and Cucumber

Oatmeal has very powerful skin-soothing and exfoliating properties, that combined with the cooling powers makes it a tremendous all-natural acne treatment.

Put six tablespoons of cooked oatmeal in a container, add two tablespoons of cucumber pulp and one teaspoon of agave nectar. Mix well. Apply mixture to the skin and leave on for ten minutes and rinse with cool water.

Skin care tips for preventing acne.

Do not over wash your face. Over-washing can dry out your skin and cause an increase in sebum production which can cause outbreaks.

Use a mild, soap-free facial cleanser with cool water, as hot water can dry out your skin.

Don’t scrub your face. Rinse your face gently with your hands or a soft washcloth.

Use a soft towel to pat your skin dry.

Moisturize with a gentle, oil-free moisturizer.

Always consult with your healthcare provider if you experience any unusual symptoms during pregnancy.

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