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A Rodent Breed Pays Hefty For Climate Change- Goes Extinct!

by | March 19, 2019

How far can you imagine paying back to Mother Nature for the damage we constructively did and continue to do to nature? Well, I believe not as much as the horrors of a rodent breed native to Australia- Bramble Cay melomys. Their whole kind went extinct owing to human-induced climate change. Read on to know more what happened to the little rodent of Australia.

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Back in 2016, it was declared that the rodent breed was the first mammalian breed to be gripped by the bane of human-induced climate change. Not only is it us, who are facing the retaliation of nature, but many different species of animals are paying for our so-called supreme existence. They are going extinct. What else can be more alarming?

It is Official!

Post the news of extinction of the breed back in 2016, the rodent breed native to the far north of Australia is now eradicated from the face of the earth. The government of Australia officially recognizes it. The rodent, little by dimension and so by its demand of space on earth, primarily survived on the little sand-island in the Torres Strait, close by the coat of Papua New Guinea (PNG). The rodent hasn’t been spotted since the last ten years, indicating its eradication, reported the BBC.

The loss of the species cast a shadow of melancholy on the people of Australia and abroad post the news came to public hearsay. A spokesperson of The Wilderness Society, an advocacy group from Australia coyly referred the rodent as their ‘little brown rat.’ He went on to say that theirs was a ‘little brown rat’ and it was their responsibility to ensure the rodent persisted, but they failed.


The Australian Government decided to state the species as extinct after the Queensland State Government identified the determination back in 2016. According to the state government report, the engulfing ocean is the precise cause for extinction. The inundating sea claimed enough of the low-lying-cay, likely on different occasions, posing a severe threat to the habitat, and even direct mortality to the individuals, during the last decade. The report added that such kind of eradication is significantly the first mammalian extinction ever to take place, owing to the anthropogenic climate changes.

If for an effect which the little rodents have never contributed to by any means, and if it can make them meet a fate as ill as the eradication of their kinds from the face of the earth, it is high time we ponder on the possible predicaments the future has in hold for us, lest we continue to wring nature of its vital force.

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