Meat Taxes Are Coming To A Store Near You!

by | December 11, 2017

Are meat taxes going to be implemented worldwide?

‘Sin Taxes’ are going to be introduced on meat to try to reduce the huge impact on climate change and human health according to analysts for investors managing more than $4trillion of assets.

The global livestock industry is responsible for 15% of all global greenhouse gas emissions and meat consumption is on the rise worldwide. Keeping livestock also brings other problems, such as water pollution and antibiotic resistance. People already eat too much meat, which is damaging their health and contributing to global warming.

New analysis from the Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR) initiative argues that meat is following the likes of tobacco and sugar in terms of a sin tax, a levy placed on harmful items by the government to try help cut consumption. Countries like Sweden, Denmark and Germany have already brought the topic to parliament. The government in China has already cut its recommended maximum meat consumption by 45%.

The first global analysis of meat taxes was done in 2016 and found that levies of 40% on beef, 20% on dairy and 8.5% on chicken would be enough to save half a million lives each year and slash emissions.

“It’s only a matter of time before agriculture becomes the focus of serious climate policy” states Rob Bailey at Chatham House, “It’s hard to imagine concerted action to tax meat today, but over the course of the next 10 to 20 years I would expect to see meat taxes accumulate.”

A promising option for reducing the proposed taxes and emissions is the growth in plant-based meat alternatives, such as the Impossible Burger. Since Bill Gates invested in the company, Beyond Meat has been inundated with proposals from major meat and dairy companies for investments and acquisitions.

There are huge opportunities in the market for plant-based proteins. If more people start replacing meat with plant-based proteins that have the same look and feel like meat then there will be a growing number of meat eaters who will happily sit down and enjoy a plant-based burger.

So will we be seeing a tax on meat in the future? Or will people finally see the light, like they did with tobacco products, and cut out the meat and dairy?

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Alex Jones

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