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Million Dollar Vegan Delivers Free Plant-Based Meals Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by | May 7, 2020

Vegan advocacy group Million Dollar Vegan (MDV) has provided free plant-based meals to a number of people affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

MDV has donated and distributed $100,000 worth of meals and essential supplies to those in need in ten different countries.

The organization hopes a new campaign — Take Pandemics Off The Menu — will raise awareness of how animal agriculture has fueled the current global health crisis.

“A Shocking But Inevitable Consequence”

“Pandemics are a shocking but inevitable consequence of the poor hygiene, cross-contamination, and low animal welfare that exists when we exploit animals for food” explained MDV.

“Viruses emerge in live animal markets and in the filth and squalor of factory farms, and they spread to people around the world.”

million dollar vegan pandemic campaign
Volunteers on bikes have been delivering the free meals (Provided/Million Dollar Vegan)

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Million Dollar Vegan & COVID-19

The new campaign from MDV has the backing of a number of prominent health experts, such as Dr Neal Barnard and Professor Peter Singer.

“The coronavirus is an animal virus, introduced to the human population through animal markets” explained Dr Neal Barnard.

“Improve Our Health And Our Environment”

“Similarly, influenza A viruses are bird viruses that came into contact with humans through poultry farming” added Barnard.

“Getting animals off our collective plate would go a long way toward preventing future pandemics, and would improve our health and our environment at the same time.”

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