Moms Don’t Get Sick Days, Or Do They?

by | March 23, 2018

Moms don’t get sick days, do they?

Alarm rings.

Baby wakes up, either crying or smiling. And so, it begins…

Change baby, feed baby, play with baby, put baby to sleep, and somewhere in between eat and get chores done,


By now it’s about 11am and you have probably not eaten. Unexpected iced coffee anyone?

Let’s be real, have you ever heard of a mom that calls in sick to her own child?


Many of us wish we could, but, we can’t. Or can we?



Moms don't get sick days

As a mom you’re just naturally “expected” to go go go all the time. Why? Because baby doesn’t know if you’re cramping, if you have a fever, or if you have the stomach flu or any other sickness. All they know is that you’re their mommy/care taker and you’re the first face they see in the morning and the last face they see at night. That cute innocent face that lights up your world is what makes it hard for some moms to step away from their daily routine and take a break to themselves. We just naturally have that motherly instinct that makes us feel guilty every time we think about spending time alone from baby.

But do we REALLY have to overly stress and exhaust our bodies to the point where we’re pretty much dragging ourselves through the day running off auto-pilot? No.

Here’s the deal mama’s, I know many of us put our super hero mama capes on when we’re feeling overly exhausted or simply just sick with the flu, and you feel as though you can’t just take a day to yourself to rest and recuperate, but guess what? You can! Better yet, you NEED to!

Mom’s deserve some sick days. Now, I’m not saying to speak through the baby monitor and say hey kid, I’m taking the day off today.





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