Must-Have Items for You and Your Newborn

by | December 15, 2017

Bringing a newborn baby home is a magical experience but it is also a very steep learning curve! Your whole world changes overnight and you need to adapt to survive. It doesn’t have to be scary though, you just need to be prepared.

The following are a few of the items that could help you get through those crazy first few weeks:


  • Waterproof Mattress Protectors for your Bed and your Baby’s Bed
    • For the first month or so of our baby’s life, we spent a lot of our time on our bed cuddling and nursing him. The amount of milk he spit up in that time is astounding! Pair that with excess breast milk leakage while my body adapted to our baby’s needs and our $30 mattress protector proved it’s worth many times over.
  • LOTS of Washcloths 
    • Baby = mess: it’s a proven fact. So we always have some sort of cloth on hand for cleanup.
  • Muslin Wraps
    • Our baby learned pretty fast how to squirm his way out of a swaddle. The muslins we have are still in use now as nursing covers, stroller shades, lightweight blankets, and makeshift changing mats, etc.
  • A Baby Carrier
    • I’m not sure how anyone raises a baby without a carrier, to be honest! You learn to do some surprising things one-handed when you have a baby. Going hands free with a carrier or wrap will save your sanity. It can often be the easiest way to get your baby to sleep.
  • Coconut Oil
    • This oil isn’t for everyone, as we all have different skin. But an all-rounder vegetable oil is so handy for moisturizing your breasts and your baby’s scalp, among other things.
  • Thermometer
    • I lost count of how many times we measured our baby’s temperature in his first few weeks. It definitely put our minds at ease when we were second guessing our choice of clothing for our precious new family member. We invested in a no-touch thermometer so we can monitor our little one’s temperature without disturbing him.
  • A Pregnancy Pillow that Doubles as a Nursing Pillow
    • Bulky nursing cushions and contoured pregnancy pillows can take up loads of room. They are definitely worth having to protect your spine and correct your posture while nursing and sleeping. Try to find a pillow that can do double-duty to save on space.
  • Snack Box
    • I ate constantly towards the end of my pregnancy and for the first couple of months after our baby was born. I would often wake up ravenous in the middle of the night. Especially once our baby arrived and I was nursing him in the early hours, having dried fruit and nuts on hand was a lifesaver.
  • Good Water Bottle
    • It’s surprising how much water you will drink while making a baby and their milk! A good water bottle, preferably one that you can fill and open one-handed, will make it a lot easier to get the necessary amount of fluid into your body.
  • Comfy Nursing around the Clock Clothes
    • While your body and mind adjust to the grueling schedule that newborn babies like to keep, it’s really important to be comfortable. If you’re breastfeeding especially, you will be glad to be wearing clothing that you can easily get in and out of and sleep in whenever you get a few minutes.


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Kate Timmins I’m a first time mama living in beautiful Adelaide, South Australia. When I’m not at home enjoying the company of my partner, our gorgeous baby boy, and our five rescue cats I love to spend my time walking along our local beaches and trying new foods from the growing number of vegan eateries in our city. I’m proud to be a foster carer for my local animal rescue; I believe that saving one animal may not change the world, but it will change the world for that animal! Follow me on Instagram for Cats, baby, beaches, and tasty vegan food.


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