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Must-Try Packaged Vegan Snacks — Easy Options You Can Feel Good About

by | March 9, 2020

Carrots and celery, oh my! Gone are the days in which veggies and hummus are the only healthy snack option for vegans! While they will always be some of our favorites, sometimes life calls for a bit more flavor. Whether you’re trying to satisfy your sweet tooth, or prefer a snack that you don’t have to force down after a day of travel, there is an option for you! 

Vegan snacks don’t always have to be boring and, with these options below, snack time will never be again! 

maxines heavenly cookies as smores

Maxine’s Heavenly Cookies

Who can say no to a baked good as tasty as it is nutritious?

Maxine’s Heavenly Cookies are a veganized version of the owner’s traditional family recipe. After swapping out all the processed flour, sugar, gluten, and animal products for healthy, vegan ingredients, a new nutrient-rich and guilt-free favorite was born! 

With a variety of flavors and a list of ingredients you can easily pronounce, these are sure to make it on the list of your family’s favorites. 

Check out the brands entire range via the Maxine’s Heavenly online store. Don’t forget to use the code RAISEVEGAN for 20 percent off.

Rule Breakers Bite-sized Cookies

Rule Breaker Bites

Untameable sweet tooth? Chief Rule Breaker Nancy and her top dog Oscar had you in mind with the creation of Rule Breaker Bites! 

Now, you can have the same great guilt-free and allergy-friendly flavor of the brand’s original recipe — only cuter. These bite sized treats are an easy hunger crusher for bigs and littles alike, and will have you non-stop popping from the very first bite.

These bean-based sweet treats are full of better for you ingredients you’ll feel as good about as those hungry little snackers do.

Order yours here today, using the code RBSAMZ10 for 10 percent disount.

Freeze-Dried Snacks Mixed Berries

Freshly Preserved Snacks

With the busy lives we lead today, getting in enough fruit and veg can seem like a major challenge. Add kids into the mix and that challenge multiples ten fold. Don’t sweat it. Freshly Preserved has you covered.

Freeze-dried and made with no added chemicals or preservatives, you can add these one-ingredient snacks to your day guilt-free! 

From brussels sprouts to cinnamon apple slices, you’ll always have a healthy snack on hand. Whether you’re traveling, rounding out the kid’s lunches, or trying to add some nutrients to that last-minute dinner, Freshly Preserved has an option for you. 

Explore the brand’s full range of freeze-dried fruit and veg here. Use code VEGAN20 for 20 percent off your order!

Barr Necessities Cookie Stack

The Empowered Cookie

What is Empowered Eating? It’s about putting your wellness first and refusing to settle for anything less than the best. Satisfy your taste buds without sacrificing taste or texture.

Founder and Pastry Chef Natalia Barr has created mouth-watering cookies that are full of moist, chewy plant-based goodness! Empowered cookies are low in carbohydrates, gluten-free, paleo and lightly sweetened with coconut nectar. Now you can rest easy knowing you have a consciously-crafted, healthy option for yourself and your loved ones on hand. 

The Empowered Cookie comes in not one but six delicious flavors, perfect to grab on your way out the door when you want a gourmet bite to the your day off right! 

Browse the brand’s entire selection here, and don’t forget to use the code Empowered20 for 20% off your first order.

akua kelp jerky

AKUA Kelp Jerky

This snack is not only healthy and delicious, but was designed to help reverse climate change! Talk about a win-win.

The ocean-farmed kelp in AKUA’s product line is a zero-input crop that also removes carbon and nitrogen from the water as it grows.

Full of nutrients, and available in a variety of flavors, this revolutionary new bite makes eating your sea greens more enjoyable than ever. Seaweed also expands in your stomach, making you feel satiated longer — great for those busy days! 

You can check out AKUA’s full range here.

Gifts by Carmen Dates

Gifts By Carmen Medjool Dates

Who doesn’t love nature’s candy? Harvested this season, Gifts By Carmen’s Medjool dates are guaranteed to be some of the softest and sweetest dates you have ever had. Not only does this brand offer whole, unpitted dates, but there are also dates stuffed with a variety of delicious fillings — coconut and almonds, to name a few! 

The rave reviews and 5-star rating let you know you’re in good hands with this new guilty pleasure! 

Check out the Medjool Dates 5 Lb Gift Box on the Gifts By Carmen Etsy shop!

Coconut Joy Chocolates

Clean Conscience Chocolates

Welcome to chocolate — re-defined!

Clean Conscience Chocolates makes better-for-you chocolate snacks using 70% cacao that’s single-origin, organic, Biodynamic-Certified, and raw. These handmade treats are food, not candy —  and made just the way you would make them, if you could only find the time.

There’s your excuse to finish the whole container in one sitting. You’re welcome. Compost the packaging, order some more, and you’re good to go!

You can explore the brand’s delicious selection of treats, including healthy re-creations of childhood favorites like peanut butter cups, Almond Joys, and peppermint patties on the Clean Conscience Etsy page. Don’t forget to use code RaiseVegan10 for a 10 percent discount.

Nomad Nutrition Variety Pack

Nomad Nutrition

While more a meal than a snack, Nomad Nutrition could not be left off this list!

This brand is on a mission to offer the perfect food to keep you at your best with ease. Whether you’re on a cross-country backpacking trip, or just having a crazy day at the office, Nomad Nutrition has you covered. 

Just add water to the meal pouch and rest easy knowing that all the health benefits and flavors remain intact from this brand’s state-of-the-art REVdry dehydration process. This brand has worried about the technicalities so you don’t have to.

Explore Nomad Nutrition’s online store before embarking on your next adventure — or to brace yourself for your next busy day with the kids. Oh — and don’t go in without your discount code. Enter raisevegan at checkout for 15 percent off.

RX Vegan Chocolate

Raw Xocolatl

Small-batch and hand-crafted, this simple, yet elegant chocolate brand makes the perfect treats. Primarily made of ethically-grown cacao and cane sugar, Raw Xocolatl’s chocolate selection is free of cocoa butter, soy, and other common fillers.

If you prefer to drink your chocolate, grab a glass because Xocalatl Chocolate also offers both a tasty drinking chocolate and soothing herbal cacao tea.

Check out the wide variety of chocolate products and gift sets available the Raw Xocolatl online store for a tasty time you won’t soon forget.

health pub vegan balls

The Health Pub

Looking for a healthy alternative to your Easter candy this year? This brand makes sweet treats free of the harmful additives in traditional indulgences. With Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs now available for a limited time only, now’s the time to try this delightful brand’s creations.

Clean, real ingredients are the future of snacking, and with this brand’s selection, you can give the gift of health, without sacrificing the joy of flavor! 

You can peruse this brand’s delicious selection of energy balls and desserts on The Health Pub’s Etsy page. Use the code healthytreats for 20% off your order!

catalina crunch smoothie vegan

Catalina Crunch Keto Smoothies

We all know we should be getting in our green smoothies each morning, but sometimes life gets away from us. Catalina Crunch is here to help make life a bit easier — at least in the smoothie department. With the brand’s keto, vegan-friendly, and freeze-dried smoothie cups, breakfast now takes just 30 seconds! The dream, basically.

A lot of smoothie brands are loaded with extra sugar, but not Catalina Crunch. Start your day off on the right foot with a balanced whole food blend packed with nutrients! 

Check out the three smoothie blends available for order via Catalina Crunch online store, and use code RAISEVEGAN10 for a 10 percent discount.


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