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Vegan Travel Guide: Money-Saving Tips for Before, During, and After Trip

by | March 28, 2019

Booking vacations can become pricey very quickly, especially if you’ll be travelling with children. Although it may seem like a difficult task at first, with proper planning before, during, and after your family’s trip, you can easily save some money so you won’t have to break the bank just to have a little getaway. Here is a vegan travel guide with some tips on how to save money before, during, and after your family vacation.

Vegan Travel Guide: Money-Saving Tips for Before, During, and After Trip
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Before the Trip

Be Mindful of Your Grocery Trips

Being more conscious of what, where, and how you buy your groceries is a simple yet effective way to put aside extra money before your trip. Utilize store rewards cards (such as Safeway’s free “Club” member card), online coupons, as well as apps that give you money back for scanning in your receipts. With produce, shop local at farmers markets- you will get fresher produce and better deals.

Book Way in Advance

Booking everything as far in advance as possible can help keep you sane as well as save you money. Some theme parks offer discounts for booking in advance and you’ll have the most options for lodging available as well. Instead of a hotel, think of booking an Airbnb, you can cut down on costs during the trip by having a rented flat and hosts often offer discounts for longer trips, such as weekly or monthly discounts.

Vegan Travel Guide: During the Trip

Eat In

Instead of eating out for every meal, you can cut down on costs drastically by having at least one meal a day at your lodging. If you have anAirbnb, you can cook breakfast at home with minimal ingredients and effort, you can see some of our ideas here. If you’re in a hotel, eat premade meals from the store or make a simple granola and fruit bowls.

Budget Daily Expenses

Although vacation is the perfect time to treat yourself and your family, setting a daily budget to keep your expenses on track is a smart move. Stay within what you want to spend for food, souvenirs, and extra activities and in addition to that, give yourself a “safety cushion” of money you can spend that wasn’t factored into your other expenses. If you have a credit card that allows you to get rewards, utilize that. If not, using cash for everything is an easy way to stay within your set daily amount.

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Vegan Travel Guide

After the Trip

Leave Reviews on Lodging

If you booked through a third party source (such as, be sure to leave reviews on how the experience was on where you stayed. Sometimes, they offer bonus night coupons if you leave reviews on lesser-stayed places.


If you stayed under budget, congratulations! It’s always a great feeling. Instead of keeping the fun going back home, put away whatever you didn’t use for your next vacation. This will keep you looking towards your family’s next getaway.

What is your favorite money-saving trip to use for family vacations? Got your own vegan travel guide? Let me know in the comments below.

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