Nature Related and Botanical Baby Names

by | September 13, 2017

Are you on the lookout for nature related names for your new vegan baby? The natural world can be inspirational and for those who lead a vegan lifestyle; it is genuinely a part of us. Naming a child after a plant is a beautiful way to pay tribute to the wonderful abundance of nature.

Names by Nature

Willow– The willow tree features heavily in folklore as a symbol of grace, flexibility, and magic. A child bearing this strong yet graceful title is unbreakable and moves with the flow of life as the willow tree does with the wind.
Rowan– A type of Ash tree, Rowan is also a version of the Gaelic Ruadhán, meaning ‘little red-haired one’.
Ivy– The ivy plant has historically been associated with faithfulness and an ivy vine is constantly growing and adapting to its environment over its life- a poetic analogy for a life worth striving for.
Heath– This Old English name means ‘from the meadow where flowering shrubs grow’. Heath is a fitting moniker for a child who has a calm, caring character.

Sage– A well known herb with cleansing and healing properties, a sage is also a prophet or person of profound wisdom. A child with this title will surely grow to be looked up to as a knowledgable and caring person.

Forest– Originating as a French name for a woodsman, Forest has real strength and character. This name is fairly timeless too, which means that it will grow well with your child

Briar– This name could be given to a child whose parents wish them to be strong and protected, as briar is a thorned plant.

Sweet Floral Names

Dahlia– The dahlia flower historically denotes a dignified beauty. This flower is named after the Swedish botanist Dahl, a surname of Scandinavian origin meaning ‘valley’ or ‘dale’. There are so many layers to this pretty name!

Poppy– This name could be a peaceful homage to a loved one who has served since the poppy is a symbol of remembrance. Poppy is also a very sweet name for a child, yet won’t be too cute when they grow up.
Lavender– Since lavender is a herb with calming properties, a chilled out child would suit this botanical name perfectly. While it is still fairly uncommon, Lavender has had a resurgence in popularity recently thanks to a character in the Harry Potter series of books and movies.
Magnolia– The magnolia flower symbolises ‘love of nature’ so is one of the most perfect names for your flower child! Magnolia is a moniker that can grow with a child into adulthood and has many possible nicknames, too.
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