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NatWest Employee Snaps At Customer, Says ‘Vegans Should Be Punched’

by | February 18, 2019

Well, the next time you apply for a loan to National Westminster Bank, maybe don’t let them know you’re a vegan. Seems like some workers there really do mind the idea of living cruelty free. A Bristol woman, who applied for a loan, was in for a shock when the NatWest employee snapped at her saying ‘vegans should be punched’.

NatWest Employee Snaps At Customer, Says 'Vegans Should Be Punched'
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NatWest Employee Snaps At Customer, Says ‘Vegans Should Be Punched’

According to BBC, a Bristol woman, who wished to stay anonymous, applied to the National Westminster Bank with an aim to seek out a loan to fund a nutrition diploma course worth £400. Apparently, the worker, at the other end of the call, wasn’t too pleased with the fact that she’s a vegan applying for a nutrition course.

The employee snapped at her, over the call, saying ‘vegans should be punched’. The loan application that was earlier rejected got reviewed by the bank after a recording of the call was produced. NatWest in fact offered to pay for the nutrition diploma course.

The bank is reported to have said that the outburst was “wholly inappropriate” and offered the woman a compensation under £200.

The anonymous Bristol woman, while talking to BBC Radio Bristol, about the January 23rd incident said:

“He wasn’t happy to be speaking to me at all, his tone was really unpleasant. Being vegan is a lifestyle choice, I shouldn’t be penalized for it, especially by a big organisation. It’s extremely unfair.”

NatWest apologized for the ‘vegans should be punched’ fiasco by their employee, assuring disciplinary proceedings have been commenced to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Had Piers Morgan not been on a three week off, I am sure we might have heard a lot on this from the Good Morning Britain show host. I am really missing his Oh-No-Vegan rants.

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