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New Vegan Initiative Helps Farmers Swap Animals For Plants

by | November 12, 2019

Animal-welfare organization Mercy For Animals (MFA) launched its Transfarmation Project today — a scheme that will help farmers end their involvement in animal agriculture.

“A growing number of farmers want to switch from raising animals to growing plants” explained MFA. “At the same time, startups are racing to create meat and other products with plants. The Transfarmation Project connects the two to create a better world for us all.”

Far from just helping the animals, the project is addressing the ways in which the farmers themselves are sometimes exploited by the large corporations they work for. With strict regulations to adhere to and quotas to meet, farmers can often find it hard to make their business financially viable.

“It’s a rigged system” claimed chicken farmer Erik Hedrick.

“You have no control over anything. You’re blamed for everything.”

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Farmers can get help to start growing plant crops on their land (Source: LedyX / Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Farming Model

By helping farmers to replace existing models of animal agriculture with a plant-based system, it is hoped that the farmers can reclaim autonomy over their farms, whilst ending their use of animals.

“It’s the future I hope for for farmers, for rural America” said MFA President Leah Garcés.

“It’s not just about tearing down the farms that exist, it’s about building something better.”

Do you think farmers will be open to making a plant-based change? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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