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Superstars Oprah And Jay-Z Invest In Vegan Milk Brand Oatly

by | July 15, 2020

Oatly has raised $200 million in funding through a range of new investors, including talk show host Oprah Winfrey and rapper Jay-Z.

Actor Natalie Portman and Starbucks chief exec Howard Schultz are also among the brand’s new list of investors, in addition to private equity firm Blackstone.

The vegan milk company is currently valued at $2 billion, as the popularity of the brand has surged over the last few years.

Oatly has shared that the new injection of cash will be used to fund expansion plans, and to create jobs across the US, Asia, and Europe.

oatly vegan milk products
The dairy-free milk company has received $2 million in new investments (Maddie Red/Shutterstock.com)

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Oatly Vegan Milk

The Swedish vegan milk brand has shared that its company mission is to create “moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources.”

The plant-based product line currently includes a range of milks, ice cream, yoghurts, coffee drinks, and custard.

“Change The World”

“I understand that it may sound naive to actually believe Oatly can change the world,” said Toni Petersson, Oatly chief executive, “that the impact of what we do can inspire others to make changes that will lead to a global behavioural shift among consumers – but that’s fine.”

“Investments from firms like Blackstone in companies like Oatly are a critical step in securing a future of focused green investment … and focuses on urgent, systemic efforts to address the climate crisis.”

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