Celebrities Recreate 10-Year-Old Dairy Advert To Promote Vegan Milk

by | July 1, 2020

A trio of celebrities have joined forces to create a plant-based version of a 10-year-old dairy advertising campaign.

Football legend Vinnie Jones, singer Pixie Lott, and Olympic boxing champion Nicola Adams all appeared in the 2010 “Make Mine Milk” campaign to promote dairy.

All three have since embraced a more plant-based lifestyle — with Lott going completely vegan — and they are now backing the new Alpro ”Make Yours Oat” campaign.

Similarly to their appearances in the “Make Mine Milk” adverts, the stars are all now sporting oat milk moustaches in support of Alpro’s range of vegan milk products.

“Plant-Based Has Become A Big Part Of My Life”

“10 years really do fly by,” said Lott, “but how could I forget sporting a milk ‘tache on posters across the UK for the original dairy campaign.”

“Lots have changed since 2010, and plant-based has become a big part of my life, so I was delighted Alpro asked me to rock the “moat-stache” in 2020.”

plant based vegan milk
Alpro is highlighting its wide range of vegan milk alternatives (Nina Firsova/Shutterstock.com)

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Alpro Vegan Milk Campaign

The advertising campaign is designed to highlight the wide range of dairy alternative products that are now available to consumers.

“A lot can change in a decade,” said David Jiscoot, Alpro UK & Ireland marketing director.

“Get With The Times”

“Ten years on from the launch of an iconic dairy ad, and three of its original stars have made the move to a more plant-based lifestyle, along with millions of others.”

He added that he hopes the adverts will “cheerlead the small, positive changes that Vinnie, Pixie and Nicola have all made over the past 10 years – and hopefully inspire even more people to get with the times and do the same.”

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