Government Gives £500,000 Of Taxpayer Money To Dairy Industry For Adverts

by | June 29, 2020

The UK government is under fire for spending £500,000 of taxpayer money on adverts promoting the dairy industry.

The money was used as part of a recent £1 million initiative — called ‘Milk Your Moments’ — to encourage consumers to buy more dairy products.

An online petition has now been launched by Surge — an animal rights organization — to ask the government to support farmers as they transition from animal agriculture.

“Plant-Based Agriculture”

“We demand a reform of how our money is spent,” said Surge.

“During a crisis where charities are struggling to provide food to the most vulnerable people, our taxes are being spent on social media and TV ads shoring up an industry that was failing long before COVID-19.”

The petition is asking that taxpayer money is used “to help farmers either transition to plant-based agriculture, to diversify their production to produce more crops for human consumption, or to rewild and reforest their lands instead.”

surge dairy industry petition campaign
The animal rights organization has launched an online petition (Surge/Instagram)

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UK Dairy Industry

The coronavirus outbreak has disrupted the dairy industry over the last few months, as temporary business closures have led to a steep drop in sales.

In addition to lack of demand for dairy amid the pandemic, the government is also facing calls to tax meat and dairy for health reasons.

Last month, 140 NHS doctors signed an open letter to the government asking for a tax on animal products. The request came as data revealed patients with diet-related ill-health conditions are at an increased risk of dying from COVID-19.

“At Crisis Point”

“80% of chronic illnesses are directly related to diet and lifestyle,” said Dr Shireen Kassam in support of the tax, “and one-in-five deaths in the UK are caused by unhealthy diets, which is one high in processed foods and animal foods.”

“The current pandemic has shown the vulnerability of the population’s health. We have been at crisis point for a long time, probably nearly a decade.”

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