California Court Sides With Miyoko’s Creamery Over Free Speech Lawsuit

by | June 27, 2020

A court has ruled that Miyoko’s Creamery can go ahead with a free speech lawsuit against the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA).

The CDFA had insisted Miyoko’s stops using the words “cruelty-free,” “dairy,” and “butter,” to advertise its products — prompting the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) to file the lawsuit on behalf of the vegan cheese company.

The government agency was also upset about a photo of someone hugging a cow on the Miyoko’s website.

“Freedom To Choose”

“It’s not the government’s role to censor a business accurately describing their animal-friendly products to their customers,” said Stephen Wells, executive director at ALDF.

“The company has the right to share its mission and values in its marketing…particularly as plant-based foods become more readily available.”

“Consumers should always have the freedom to choose products whose values align with their own.”

miyoko's creamery vegan cheese
Miyoko Schinner is the founder of Miyoko’s Creamery (Provided/Miyoko’s Creamery)

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Miyoko’s Creamery Lawsuit

The CDFA moved to have the free speech lawsuit dismissed — a request that has now been denied by the courts.

The ALDF has argued that all Miyoko’s products are clearly labelled in a way that ensures customers know they are vegan and plant-based.

“Needless Meddling”

“This decision is an important step towards victory for both Miyoko’s and the entire plant-based foods industry,” said Michele Simon, executive director at the Plant Based Foods Association.

“The state of California has been unfairly attacking our members for years, all at the behest of the dairy lobby. Now Miyoko’s will get its day in court to ensure the state stops this needless meddling.”

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