Dale Vince, centre, at the launch of his Little Green Devils school dinners venture, picture Simon Pizzey

Owner of Vegan Soccer Team Eyes British School Lunches To Turn Them Vegan

by | March 11, 2019

Forest Green Rovers has launched a vegan food company that wants to disrupt the, more than one billion meals a year United Kingdom school lunch market. Which they plan to do with, Devils kitchen, a new facility that is built close to the vegan soccer team. The club has been called ‘the worlds greenest football club’ by FIFA and ‘the de-facto standard for sustainability in sport’ by the United Nations.

vegan soccer team
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Vegan Soccer Team & School Lunch Partnership

Dale Vince, the entrepreneur who founded the green energy supplier Ecotricity and, Club Chairman of Forest Green Rovers Football Club (The world’s sole vegan soccer team) has launched a vegan food production factory to supply plant-based foods to schools. Which will provide a range of 100% plant-based products to schools and colleges around the United Kingdom from April 2019 onwards.

The products will also be free of the fourteen major food allergens such as; nuts, seeds, gluten, and soy. The range is also free from palm oil, MSG and artificial ingredients. The factory will produce over 120,000 items every week, with the first 50,000 burgers being delivered to a London governing body this month.

Vince told Punchline, that their products are simple, great foods made from vegetables, for kids. They hope to get the Little Green Devils to range into as many schools and colleges as possible, and have a positive recption so far.

The vegan soccer tam owner stressed, that this is the first vegan product to be made specifically for the British school lunch market, and the company says that there is significant interest from caterers and wholesalers who supply around eight thousand schools in the British isle.

The factory itself is powered by Ecotricity’s 100% green energy, and the company uses fully sustainable packaging made from cardboard and a compostable liner and label.

vegan soccer team

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What do you think, will the vegan soccer team owner take over the British market of everything vegan?

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