Paging Paisley: Help With Pregnancy Cravings For Non Vegan Food

by | August 7, 2018

Dear Paisley: Can you give me advice for dealing with being vegan & fighting pregnancy cravings for non vegan food?

Signed, I want some fast food!


Dear, I Want Some Fast Food,

Pregnancy cravings can be unexpected and be weird as all get out! Sticking firm to your morals while denying your pregnancy hormones what they want can be tough, especially when you have pregnancy cravings for non vegan food.

Start by trying to figure out why you are having this craving. Is it because it is salty? Sweet? Sour? Or even just plain old meat? Cravings can often be the bodies way of communicating its needs with you. If you are, for example, craving meat, perhaps even raw meat, your body might be saying that it needs more iron. Try to figure out what your body is asking for as far as nutrients instead of what your tongue is asking for to please its taste buds. You will then be able to find a substitute that can give your pregnancy cravings for non vegan food the vegan version of what they want. As an added bonus, you can also help your body out by giving it what it needs!

After giving birth to my youngest, my placenta smoothies hit the spot like nothing else! It tasted ‘irony’, and I craved it so bad. My body was obviously trying to communicate through my craving that my iron was depleted and needed some replenishing, which is why I had a pregnancy craving for non vegan food. 

If you can find a healthy way of feeding your craving then go for it! As an example maybe instead of feta cheese make an Herb Cashew Cheese with a little extra lemon in it. Or, if you are craving sweet, try different fruits. There are also tons of vegan desserts and ice cream alternatives that are even, dare I say it, healthy!

Meditation is also an option. Meditate on why you are vegan, and why you will choose to pass up on those non-vegan foods you are craving. Think about the bigger picture. What are the consequences of you eating that? The consequences for your baby, the animals, your conscience. Odds are you are going to regret it as soon as you eat it.

Having a vegan pregnancy is the absolute best thing for your baby. Remembering that will take you very far. Continue trying to keep in mind that the cravings will pass, and you are vegan for love. The same love you are going to have and teach your baby.


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Paisley Andersson

Momma of two boys. Licensed Life Coach and Nutritionist. Our home is a vegan, organic, home birth, extended breastfeeding, love-filled house, which for now, is in Scandinavia. You can find me on Instagram.



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