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Patrons Wait “Hours” To Get Their Hands On Vegan KFC

by | August 28, 2019

KFC customers in Atlanta waited in line for up to two hours to order chains’s new vegan fried chicken this week.

The restaurant reportedly sold out of the new plant-based option — released in partnership with Beyond Meat — in five hours.

Reports and pictures on social media showed a lengthy line at the Georgia fast-food spot. In fact, the drive-thru line wrapped around the store twice, while the line to eat-in was even longer.

The store itself was painted green for the trial run, a drastic change from the chain’s signature red-and-white color scheme. 

Beyond Fried Chicken vegan KFC
The plant-based bucket (Source: KFC/Instagram)

Vegan KFC Trial Run A Success?

The fast-food giant announced the new item on Monday, stating that the vegan fried chicken would be tested in Atlanta to measure reception from customers and that the trail’s success could mean a nationwide rollout.

While there hasn’t been a formal announcement on if KFC will continue to serve Beyond Fried Chicken, it was reported that the vegan option was purchased more times during a single day than its famous popcorn-style chicken was in the last week.

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