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by | September 12, 2017

.One thing that all parents have in common is a hope that our child will lead a peaceful life. Which for those of us who choose to live cruelty free includes carrying on the vegan ideals.  These names are all associated with the concept of peace. Using one of them for your little one will hopefully set them on a compassionate path in life.

Aksel –  A Scandinavian name derived from the Hebrew name. Absalom, Aksel or Axel means ‘Father of peace’. A beautiful title for a boy to carry through his life. With a variety of possible spellings. This name can be personalized to fit with your family name and will grow with your little man into adulthood.


Pax –  This name is so simple in its meaning. It is the Latin word for peace. Pax was the Goddess of Peace in Roman mythology but this funky name has most commonly been used for boys in modern times.


Talley –  An Irish name meaning ‘peaceful’. This funky name has a lot of potential for spelling variations and could also be a nickname for Tallulah. This name is fun. Without being too cutesy and would be good for girls and boys alike.

Yonah – A less common variation of the Hebrew name Jonah. Yonah means ‘dove’. Which is well known worldwide as a symbol of peace. Spelled without the ‘H’. This name means ‘bear’ in Cherokee, another animal connection. Yona/h could be used for a girl or boy and is unlikely to be misspelled.


Sheehan –  Derived from Irish (Gaelic) words meaning ‘peaceful’ and ‘gentle’. This name is most commonly used for boys but works just as well as a girl’s name. Sheehan is the type of name that would grow with your child. It could easily be personalized by changing the spelling.


Chesna –  Possibly of Slavic origin. The meaning of this beautiful name is sometimes said to be ‘peaceful’. Sometimes ‘bringing calm’, and others ‘honorable’. Whatever the meaning, this unusual name sounds pretty and has lots of potential for variations in spelling and nicknames.

Reyna –  This powerful name has many roots with each offering a different. Equally lovely meaning. In Greek, Reyna means  ‘peaceful’; in Yiddish, ‘Pure’; and in Spanish, ‘Queen’. With lots of potential for personification by changing its spelling. Reyna can be as unique a moniker as the little girl bearing it.


Santoso –  An Indonesian name meaning ‘peaceful’. Santoso is most commonly used for boys but could serve as a base for a creative new girls name. An unusual name outside of its country of origin. Santoso is unique without sounding too strange or being hard to pronounce.


Yani – Meaning ‘peace’ in one of the many Aboriginal dialects of Australia. Yani is a beautiful name that is easy to spell and pronounce. Suitable for a boy or a girl. This name is sweet enough for a baby without sounding silly as they transition into adulthood.

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