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Piers Morgan In Climate Change Clash With Vegan Activist “Mr Broccoli”

by | October 16, 2019

Piers Morgan found himself debating the environmental benefits of a vegan diet again this morning, this time in a clash with a climate change protester calling himself Mr Broccoli.

The activist, who was arrested at an Animal Rebellion protest in London last week, explained the advantages of going plant-based on Good Morning Britain.

Mr Broccoli referred to Morgan as “peas” instead of Piers for the duration of the interview, and explained to him that “environmentally speaking we’re in incredibly hot water and we do need to transition to a plant-based food system.”

Morgan, challenged the guest of the show by stating “You have to explain to them why you think a plant-based diet is going to be effective. If you don’t know the science, how can you do that?” Mr Broccoli replied to his question by saying, “I am just a broccoli, at the end of the day.”

Viewers quickly took to social media to voice their opinions on the exchange, with many questioning why Good Morning Britain had given the activist any air time at all. However, one Twitter user commented that “Mr Broccoli is the hero we have all been waiting for.”

Greggs Sausage Roll
Piers also was involved in conflict over the vegan version of Greggs’ sausage rolls (Source: loocmill/Shutterstock.com)

Vegan Activisim

Before his arrest on Oxford Street during the protests, the plant-based activist had been holding a sign that read “I’m locally sourced and environmentally friendly.”

Animal Rebellion, which is an off-shoot of the larger Extinction Rebellion group, has been participating in the ongoing two weeks of climate action in London.

Currently, 1,642 people have been arrested around the world as global protests have been staged at the same time. 

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