Which Plant Milk is Best? The Ultimate Taste Test

by | January 4, 2018

“But how does it taste in coffee?’

With regular dairy on the decline and the explosion of veganism with plant-based milks available on the market now. It’s difficult to know which one to use, and how their varied tastes will ruin or improve a dish.

So, plant milk. Let’s break it down by taste. We previously wrote about the nutritional content, with a great nutritional chart you can print out and have on hand for growing little ones.



TASTE TEST: Somewhat sweet, a little on the watery side

BEST WITH: Hot lattes, some Starbucks locations have started selling hemp lattes, so ask next time you’re in. In smoothies, or any scenario where you    would have used a 2% milk

BUT HOW DOES IT TASTE WITH COFFEE? Hemp isn’t the best and certainly doesn’t compare to the giants of soy milk when it comes to enjoying it with a coffee, but it doesn’t creep off into the depths of coffee hell like coconut milk. If you’re looking for something that is slightly sweet without losing your teeth, hemp is your deal.



TASTE TEST: Smooth, creamy, slightly sweet.

BEST WITH: Soy milk is the lead in all the plants milks in just being suitable for all occasions. It can be drank alone, used for cooking in dishes and amazing in hot drinks.

BUT HOW DOES IT TASTE WITH COFFEE? depending on the brand, it may have a slight aftertaste, yet soy blends well in coffee, it doesn’t have the clumpiness of other milks, and now with soy creamers. We’re on a train straight to awesome town.





TASTE TEST: Watery and more comparable to a skimmed milk or 1%.

BEST WITH: This is the closest tasting milk to a cow’s milk there is. Not widely available, and not green, it’s a welcomed surprise on the market.

BUT HOW DOES IT TASTE WITH COFFEE? Amazing. When it becomes more available than soy milk, we will see a shift in the pea milk market being the dominating force.


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