Plants Feel Pain

by | February 28, 2018

Plants feel pain and other mind numbing lines people say.

To date, there hasn’t been a single study (unless we’re counting blog posts, we know how the internet loves to throw around one suburban moms blog as proof) to show that plants can indeed feel pain. It also raises the question, that while they’re  presumably killing the animals they eat. Are they now eating plants alive? When exactly is the time of death, when they are pulled from the ground, or a few weeks later being chopped up for a curry stew?

A plant reacting to stimuli such as light or a shutting when a fly lands, but it’s a wholly different thing. Something a simple science class would have explained. Maybe all those days out the back of the gym skipping school wasn’t the wisest idea after all.

Let’s just humor you for a moment, and pretend that they do have a central nervous system in place, since they are alive and presumably have sensations of some sort, what are you going to eat? Not a lot left on the menu if meat, and veg are removed, is there? If it is alright so long as you “kill” them first, how is this to be done? Is boiling them alive acceptable? Perhaps it is alright to eat fruit, since the plant sheds these of its own accord, but seeds and nuts are out as they are embryos!

It’s not a new argument, and some people seem to really take it seriously.

If we are to support the assertion that simple reaction indicates feelings, can we also apply this to other things, for instance, say, rain clouds? After all, it is observed that when rain clouds contain excess moisture, they react by raining. Do clouds, therefore, sense when atmospheric pressure is insufficient for their moisture content to remain in a vaporous state? Do clouds have feelings? If we say that the mere presence of purposive behaviors of avoidance and reaction to tissue damage in plants indicates some sort of mental state similar to “feeling pain”, by the same logic, we must do the same with clouds. It should be fairly clear to see the logic failure here.

In this light, to me, attempting to equate plants with animals seems like a pointless endeavor. I recognize the substantial differences between sentient beings and non-sentient life. When it comes to my nourishment, I choose the lesser of two evils; therefore, I am vegan.


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