PLAYin CHOC Chocolate Creates A Brighter Future

by | July 29, 2020

Maya Simler, the Founder of PLAYin CHOC, has always had a sweet spot for chocolate. As a child, she anxiously awaited when her parents would surprise her with a special chocolate treat and a small toy. As a parent, she wanted to recreate that same experience for her children; however, she desired a healthier and ecologically sustainable option.

In order to satisfy her family’s chocolate cravings, Maya started testing out recipes in her own kitchen. “I have always loved chocolate, however, my family and I are all lactose free,” said Simler. “I wanted to create a super delicious chocolate that we could all enjoy but also had a strong, sustainable, and ethical story behind it.” Maya’s boys even helped come up with the idea for their first Endangered Animals line!

PLAYin CHOC's official chocolate taste testers!
Maya’s children were PLAYin CHOC’s Chief Taste Testers! (PLAYin CHOC)

PLAYin CHOC’s Message of Sustainability

With the mission to be kinder to our bodies and to our planet — through chocolate, of course — PLAYin CHOC uses only three organic, plant-based ingredients: fair trade cacao, coconut, and vanilla. “It’s great to [be able to] enjoy really creamy vegan ‘milk’ chocolate without the need for any animal products,” said Simler. PLAYin CHOC is proof that it’s easy to make the change to a vegan lifestyle without sacrificing the things we enjoyed before.

Maya strives to instill the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to her children. She believes a heightened awareness of sustainable practices, in addition to an appreciation of the natural world, will help to solidify those values. The company spreads the same message. It inspires the same beliefs by creating fun fact cards and using recyclable and compostable packaging. The company is also 100% plastic free and treats its staff well.

Advent Calendar from PLAYin CHOC
PLAYin CHOC’s Advent Calendar (PLAYin CHOC)

More Than Just Chocolate

When you bite into a piece of PLAYin CHOC, not only will you experience a delicious, vegan, allergy-free chocolate, but the ToyChoc boxes also come with a small toy to inspire fun, education, and creative play!

The company just released a new three-piece chocolate JustChoc Box in both vegan “milk” and dark chocolate versions. “It’s a perfect everyday treat, great size, and portable,” said Maya. “I often have one in my bag for whenever I feel like a bit of choc!”

ToyChoc boxes
Children will enjoy a sustainably made toy in each ToyChoc box (PLAYin CHOC)

PLAYin CHOC hopes that its products will be enjoyed by people of all ages, and most importantly, to raise awareness of the world around us. The healthier options it offers are protecting the planet by educating the younger generation, the world will be in their hands some day.

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