The Difference between Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety

by | March 2, 2018

When to get help, 

“Aren’t you happy with your new bundle of joy?”

“Why are you sad, don’t you love your baby?”  

These two questions are the most commonly asked to a mother going through postpartum depression and/or postpartum anxiety. As a mother that went through Postpartum depression and is still going through Postpartum anxiety, all you want to say is, YOU DON’T GET IT!

I’m right there with you mama’s! Nothing is as stressful as you trying to handle the unbalanced hormones, the crying spells, the anxiety, and a newborn baby that comes without a “how-to” manual.

But what exactly is the difference between Postpartum depression and Postpartum anxiety? What are the signs?


Signs of Postpartum Depression:

  • Having thoughts like “I can’t do this mom thing”, “was I ready to be a mom?”

  • Having random crying spells without even knowing why you’re crying

  • Feeling guilty because you feel as though you should be able to handle being a mom

  • Feeling like your baby deserves better or you’re not a good enough mom You don’t feel as though you’ve bonded with baby

  • You feel angry, irritated, frustrated, and you don’t know why

  • No matter how hard you try to shake off these feelings, you just can’t

  • You know something isn’t right, but you can’t put your finger on it

  • You feel as though you lost your “old” self You’re afraid and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel

  • You feel disconnected from everyone, you’re there, but not really there

  • You’re afraid of being judged if you reach out to someone and explain what you’re feeling



Signs of Postpartum Anxiety

  • Being unable to quiet your mind that’s sprinting through your new life

  • You are worried ALL THE TIME

  • You overthink things, like is baby breathing, did I burp him enough, etc.

  • Having trouble sleeping/eating

  • You feel extremely overwhelmed, and you feel as though you need to be doing something every waking moment even when baby is sleeping

  • You’re afraid to be alone with baby, you’re afraid to leave the house

  • You’re afraid that you’ll never have your life back

If you related to one or more of the signs listed above, please seek help! The first step is realizing that you’re going through postpartum depression and/or anxiety. Next, speak with your healthcare professional to finalize your diagnosis. Follow doctor’s orders and reach out to PPD support groups/hotlines. Please remember mama’s there is nothing wrong with you, postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety are completely NORMAL. Not all mom’s go through it, but some do. It’s okay if you’re feeling the way that you feel, but there are ways to treat it and we hope that you recover so that you’re able to live your life with your baby worry-free!

Hi, I’m Lynda! I’m a new vegan mommy of one baby boy. I became vegan a few months pre-pregnancy, and am currently raising my son as Vegan. I hope to inspire other mama’s through my love for writing about veganism. Aside from being a mommy and writer, I also have a love for fitness. I’m a Pilates instructor who loves Yoga, hiking and weight lifting. You can follow my vegan mommy journey on Instagram @theplantbasedmommy.


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