Preparing For A New Baby- Purchases You Won’t Regret!

by | September 12, 2017

Preparing for a new baby involves buying a lot of items you may never have thought you’d own and maybe never even knew existed.
Once your baby arrives, you quickly realize which of these were worth buying. A few of the items you purchase during your pregnancy may make you feel like you’ve wasted your money but you will be glad to have the ones on this list.

Waterlproof Mattress Protectors 


My midwife recommended that I buy a waterproof sheet to protect my mattress if my waters happened to break while I was in bed. That didn’t end up happening. Tut that mattress protector has repelled breast-milk, baby pee, baby drool, baby spit up. With even a few cups of tea! I also purchased one for our baby’s bed and it’s already proved it’s worth by protecting the mattress from quite a bit of spit up.


Washcloths or Muslin Squares


I thought I’d wasted my money buying washcloths when we started receiving cloths of all types with nearly every gift but I’ve actually almost run out on a few occasions. The super soft washcloths I purchased are used to wash our baby, some of the ones received as gifts serve as ‘comfort cloths’ on our baby’s belly while we bathe him, others are multi-purpose clean up cloths for milk, drool, spit up, etc. It really is incredible how many we can go through before washing day!


Granny Panties


Preparing for childbirth should include preparing for after childbirth. It’s a good idea to buy some underwear you don’t mind parting with for the weeks following your baby’s arrival, as however you give birth, the fact is you’re going to lose a lot of blood. The most comfortable underwear to be wearing while you cope with that is an incredibly unattractive high rise full brief. As a bonus, they provide some support to your tummy as it shrinks back to size.




I wasn’t sure how much use I would get out of the carriers I bought before our baby came along, as we’d also purchased a pusher. It didn’t take long to realize what a worthwhile investment they were; I get household chores done while cuddling our baby that I wouldn’t get done otherwise and my partner is able to bond with him by carrying him on family walks and shopping trips. Being able to go hands free while remaining close to your baby is a wonderful feeling.

Breast Pads


I couldn’t imagine having much use for breast pads before I had my baby but they definitely get a lot of use. While your body adapts to your baby’s needs, you may find yourself being drenched with milk as you sleep or one breast leaking while your baby nurses on the other. Even if you don’t breastfeed, it’s possible that your breasts will produce some milk so the breast pads will still get some use.


Glider Chair and/or Nursing Pillow


An exclusively breastfed newborn will nurse every 2-3 hours for at least their first few weeks of life so a comfortable place for you to feed your baby is a must. Whether it’s a purpose-made glider or rocking chair or a supportive nursing pillow and your favorite spot on the sofa, comfort is key.

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