Get your Snack On While Pregnant

by | September 13, 2017

Growing a human is hard work. You will probably find that you’re almost perpetually hungry during your pregnancy and well into your baby’s life. If you’re breastfeeding, as your little human is taking all the nutrients they need to grow directly from your body.


Many mothers find it hard to keep up with their body’s increased demand for fuel during this time. Especially as plant based diets take more volumes of food, vegan mothers can struggle. The easiest way to keep on top of your hunger is to snack. Eat small meals frequently throughout the day.


The best snacks are easy to keep on hand and high in nutrients. Sugary treats and chips will only serve to sap your body of much needed energy. (Even if they are delicious!)

Some classic go-to snacks to have on hand:

Nuts and Nut Butters


All nuts are packed full of protein and healthy fats and are a great source of other nutrients. Which are in high demand during pregnancy and breastfeeding, such as iron and folate. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that it’s necessary to avoid nuts during pregnancy or breastfeeding. In fact, many studies are now proving that exposure to peanut proteins via their mother’s milk may be beneficial to a breastfed baby’s developing immune system. While actually reduce the risk of an allergy developing.


• Dried Fruit


As long as you opt for varieties without added sugar. Snacking on a small amount of dried fruit can be a good way to get a bit of extra fibre, iron, and other essential nutrients into your diet.



• Dark Chocolate


Chocolate with a high cocoa content is a great source of iron but be aware that it also contains caffeine (although in much lower levels than coffee). So you will need to limit your intake. Of course, chocolate is also a mood enhancer, which can be very handy during those hormone fueled mood swings of pregnancy.



• Digestive Biscuits


Whole wheat digestive biscuits are a great way to get fiber into your body when you’re feeling too nauseous to eat other fiber-rich foods. Dietary fiber is your best defense against constipation during pregnancy and after childbirth.



• Vegetable Sticks and Fruit Slices


All types of fruit and veg offer nutrients in abundance and it’s often easier to nibble sticks and slices over the day than to incorporate them into big meals while pregnant. Apricots, strawberries, and broccoli are all excellent choices. They contain high levels of both iron and vitamin c (which helps our bodies absorb iron). Dip your fruit and veg into nut butter or hummus for even more goodness!



• Roasted Chick Peas


Like most legumes, chick peas are an excellent source of many nutrients. Including iron, calcium, protein, and folate. They are also a nice dry, savory snack for those days when morning sickness makes it hard to stomach anything else.


Fortified Cereals


Dry breakfast cereals fortified with iron, folate, and calcium. It’s an easy way to increase your intake of these nutrients and they are also usually morning sickness-friendly.



• Smoothies


Surprisingly, smoothies can often be easier to stomach than whole foods and because they are easier for our bodies to process, more nutrients are retained. Try adding ground almonds and hemp seeds to increase healthy fats and protein levels. Flax seed and oats are great additions also, which have been reported to aid in milk production.

Listen to your body and feed it what it needs but if you find yourself questioning your energy levels or weight gain during pregnancy. See a medical professional to rule out any possible issues such as gestational diabetes. Most importantly, don’t stress!

There are many shades of ‘normal’ when it comes to weight and diet. As long as you and your baby are happy and healthy you have no need to worry.

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