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Get Ready to Meet the Who’s Who of Veganism at Vegan India Conference

by | May 29, 2019

One earth. 7.7 billion people. Compassion is predominant. But the followers in this way of life are diverse. The world strides ahead, at a remarkable pace, striving for the harmonious idea of a better tomorrow while embracing every living being under the sun. The West is already on the veganism track, and now the world’s largest democracy, India, is catching on to the glorious movement. The Vegan India Conference is scheduled for 6th – 7th July 2019, and Raise Vegan will be among various international brands marking their presence at the event. Know more about the conference here.

vegan India conference
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The Vegan India Conference Scheduled For 6th -7th July 2019 in NCR Delhi

Veganism, like in other parts of the world, is on the steady rise in India. From influential stars to sportspersons, including the general population, India in recent years has indeed seen a surge in the cruelty-free movement. Catering to the budding vegans of the nation, a joint initiative between two groups, WVO and Vegan First, has manifested as a first-of-its-kind vegan conference in the country. Raise Vegan will also attend the debut convention.


Beginning on the 6th of July, the 4th International Edition of the World Vegan Organization, as part of the joint initiative with Vegan First, will host the Vegan India Conference taking place in New Delhi. For the first time, a vegan conference of such massive scale, including a number of national and international speakers, and plant-based businesses, will occur in the world’s largest democracy.

Vegan First is India’s first digital and print medium magazine for all things vegan. In a country where veganism is rapidly growing, Vegan First exists to deliver vegan resources to the nation’s budding cruelty-free community, who are concerned for the greater good.

In the same way, focusing on veganism and a plant-based lifestyle, the World Vegan Organization vision is to “bring health, peace, and sustainability” into the world. They are a leading independent vegan organization using vegan advocacy to promote sustainability on the planet.

What to Expect?

WVO and Vegan First are holding their 4th annual flagship for the first time in India as the Vegan India Conference. The event venue will be a five-star property in New Delhi and will take place on the 6th and 7th of July this year.


The conference will focus on fostering the development of veganism in India, educating businesses, organizations, and people via workshops, seminars and in-depth talks. This will be delivered by international and Indian flag bearers of the ethical and cruelty-free movement. The exclusive platform will allow the germinating forces in every sector to showcase themselves, and the influentials will be there to empower them. Together, policy makers, investors, importers, trade, hospitality industry, and food sector stakeholders will have the chance to communicate and envision a cruelty-free tomorrow. There will be a total of 650 participants, 35 speakers, 70 institutions, and 66 topics.

The event will start at 9am with the lamp lighting ceremony and will follow a schedule for the two days.

Voices at the Conference

Some of the most influential voices of the industry will be gracing the Vegan India Conference. The motive to empower and aid vegans is kindled by the organization’s arrangement for multiple classroom-style workshops, lecture-sessions, and panel discussions. Who will be speaking at the event?

One of the most active proponents of the cruelty-free movement in India, environmentalist and animal rights activist, Maneka Gandhi, will grace the conference as the Chief Guest. She is also the Indian Union Cabinet Minister for Women and Child Development in the former cabinet of PM Modi.


Seth Tibbott, the founder of the famous American tempeh-making company, Tofurky, will also speak at the conference. Get a chance to hear from him about the vegan economy and market. Know how to build a vegan brand from scratch, and hear him share about the journey of his company.

The Body Shop India CEO, Shriti Malhotra, is another speaker at the conference. The Body Shop is one of the first brands in the world to ditch animal testing. The brand also has an impressive vegan product line.

Founder and CEO of Vegan First, Palak Mehta, with the Head of Food and Retail for ProVeg (International), Verena Wiederkehr, will talk about India’s position in terms of veganism. Palak and Verena will discuss ‘Trends and Forecasts’ through the lens of veganism which ponders how entrepreneurs and Indian brands benefit and where is India heading. Palak Mehta from Vegan First will also moderate a separate panel, ‘Ethical Is The New Black’, where The Body Shop India CEO, Founder of Organic Elements, and the CEO of Gowma, will participate.

Vegan fashion designer at the Lakme Fashion Week, and proponent of Ahimsa (non-violence), Purvi Doshi, will discuss the compassionate philosophy leading to the creation of vegan brands. Her brand did away with animal leather, and relies on organic colors and hand-woven fabrics among other conscious elements.

CEO PETA India, Dr. Manilal Valliyate will be present at the event. A voracious animal rights activist since 1998, he is also a member of Kerala State Animal Welfare Board. His advocacy has banned live embalming of calves and illegal bullock cart races in India.

Other speakers at the event are as follows: Founder and President of World Vegan Organization (WVO), Dr. Susianto Tseng, Director of the award-winning films Cowspiracy and What the Health, Keegan Kuhn, Principal of the world’s largest vegan/vegetarian restaurant guide HappyCow, Ken Spector, internationally acclaimed yoga instructor, Devi Mohan, Co-founder of the pioneering company in vegan travel, Veg Voyages, Zac Lovas, CEO and Founder of ABILLIONVEG, Vikas Garg, first vegan to climb Mt. Everest, Kuntal Joisher, PETA India CEO, Dr. Manilal Valliyate, Co-founder of WVO, Dr. Karunas Zhu, Program Specialist at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicin, Dr. Zeeshan Ali, Founder of German International School, Thomas A. Pallushek, Grants Program Director for ProVeg International, Jessika Ava, Pro-Veg International Head of Food & Retail, Verena Wiederkehr, author of What About My Calcium?, Dr. Rupa Shah, Nat Geo Blogger and Author of The Shooting Star, Shivya Nath, India-based gourmet chocolatier and independent investor, Vikas Kuthiala, and Ahimsa animal activist, Dolly Vyas-Ahuja. Know more about the speakers here.


A total of seven panels will take place throughout the two-day event. During the panels, various aspects of veganism will be covered. Each panel will be hosted by leaders of their respective industries. Below is a list of the topics the seven panels will discuss-

Photo by The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash
  • Reaching to more people
  • Establishing the values and benefits of plant-based diets medically
  • Sourcing vegan leather substitutes and deriving uncompromising animal product-free beauty alternatives
  • Through the lens of veganism: India in contrast to the rest of the vegan world. Where is India heading? How can the Nation benefit?
  • Conceptualizing a vegan business and getting the right funding. The nitty-gritty of scaling up, when and how?
  • Living the Ahimsak life, the core of veganism
  • Passing the worn-out concepts, embracing the new. How to live healthily as a vegan?


Do you aspire to venture into a vegan business? Hear from experts who have done just that! There will be five talks during the two-day event. The first talk will be delivered by the founder of an iconic meat-alternative company, Turtle Island Foods, Seth Tibbot. Tibbot will discuss the nuances of building a vegan brand from scratch. Starting with a small client base in the 1980s, the tempeh makers are now six countries strong. Tofurky was created after the makers realized people needed a cruelty-free turkey substitute for Thanksgiving.

Ever watched Cowspiracy and What the Health? Didn’t they strike the right chords with their masterful depiction of the reality of the meat industry? Keegan Kuhn, Director of both hard-hitting animal welfare documentaries will speak during the second talk about media as a medium for social change. Hear from the expert.

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Plant-based foods are trending. It doesn’t matter if you’re into vegan hospitality, or you seek to someday, as long as you love the idea there is every reason you will like the third talk on the schedule. Ken Spector, the Principal of the global vegan restaurant recommendation site, HappyCow, will deliver an enlightening talk. Get the golden tips from the expert in his field.

The fourth talk and keynote speech will be given by the Founder and President of World Vegan Organization Dr. Susianto Tseng. The fifth talk will be hosted by Grants Program Director of ProVeg International, and she will talk about monitoring, evaluating, measuring and future planning of campaigns, all of which adds to their effectiveness.

Click here to learn more.

Workshops to Include Raise Vegan

The second day will focus on empowering, exciting and enlightening workshops. Participants can enroll in three workshops divided into pre-lunch and post-lunch groups.

Raise Vegan will conduct a workshop on ‘Veganism at Schools.’ Mayuri Rajvanshi, the Senior Web Editor at Raise Vegan, will represent the world’s largest vegan parenting and pregnancy magazine at the workshop. She, along with the Founder of Asia’s first vegan school, German International School in Chennai, will emphasize on vegan nutrition in children, holistic upbringing, humane education, and accommodating rescued animals in schools.


Other interesting workshops include ‘Building a Brand’ workshop by Tofurky founder Seth Tibbot, a workshop by HappyCow Principal on ‘Building a Vegan Restaurant,’ workshop on ‘Holistic Plant-Based Eating to Good Health’ by SHARAN India, and a workshop on ‘Veganism-Influenced Film Making’ by the Director of Cowspiracy Keegan Kuhn. More exciting workshops will include ‘Traveling the Vegan Way’ by Zac Lovas and Shivya Nath, ‘The Future Is Vegan’ by Drs. Karunas Zhu and Srinarula, ‘Cracking The Supply Chain’ by Sonal, ‘How to Impress Investors So You Get Funding’ by Abhishek Sinha, ‘How to Go Cruelty-Free with Your Grooming Regimen’ by Kavita Pol, ‘How to Start Your Activism Journey’ by Darshana Mazumdar, ‘Beat Disease with the Right Foods’ by Dr. Zeeshan Ali, and ‘All You Need to Know About Launching a Vegan Restaurant by Ken Spector, and ‘Tasty Tempeh’ by Dr. Susianto Tseng. Know more workshop details here.

Film Screening and More

On the second day, along with the workshops, there will be a buffet available for attendees serving mouthwatering plant-based fare. Also on the same day, a film screening is scheduled to take place. Additionally, the day marks the visit to Vegan India Expo with an opportunity for networking with important people. Groups will alternate going to the Expo while the workshops are ongoing.

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The Vegan India Conference ticket prices include entry fees to the event and Expo, two high-teas for the two days, and one plant-based buffet. Book yours here.


In conclusion – this event is going to be a trailblazing one! What do you think about the conference? Excited to attend? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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