Pretty baby girl names

by | January 31, 2018

If you’re looking for a pretty, girly name for your baby, there are a few things you may want to keep in mind.

For example, flowery names can be a bit too cute when your little one grows up. Long winded names can be a pain to spell and pronounce. Some names sound gorgeous until someone shortens it into an awful nickname you hadn’t considered.

Hopefully this list will help you find the perfect beautiful name for your little princess, or at least provide you with some inspiration.

Sonequa- This strong but beautiful name is incredibly rare right now but is sure to enjoy a surge in popularity in coming years thanks to actress Sonequa Martin-Green.

Briella- Originally a shortened form of ‘Gabriella’, this name sounds just beautiful by itself. Having multiple possible nicknames is a bonus for Briella.

Isadora- Meaning ‘gift of Isis’ (an Egyptian God), this name has such a soft beauty. It can also be shortened to the much funkier ‘Izzy’ if your baby girl grows up into a spunky young lady!

Tallulah- A sweet name with a variety of possible nicknames (Tally, Lulu, Lulah), Tallulah has two origins and meanings. It’s Native American meaning is ‘leaping waters’ and it’s Irish meaning is ‘lady of abundance’.

Zahara- Meaning ‘to shine’ or ‘a flower in bloom’, Zahara is a gorgeous and unusual name.

Annabelle- A name with Latin roots meaning ‘graceful’ and ‘beautiful’, you can’t get much girlier than Annabelle!

Katinka- This adorable name means ‘pure’ and has a simple built in nickname: Kat. A twist on the anglicised names ‘Katelyn’, ‘Katherine’, etc, Katinka is a nice middle ground between the traditional and modern.

Abigail- This name is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘my father’s joy’. Abigail sounds beautiful and can be shortened to the equally pretty but very different ‘Abby’ or ‘Gail’.

Felicity- Meaning ‘happiness’, ‘good fortune’, and ‘luck’, this Latin derived moniker has possibly the most positive vibe of all baby girls names!

Does your little princess have a sweet, pretty name you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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