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Classic And Modern Irish Baby Names

by | June 14, 2018

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Irish names have long been popular in the US and are flourishing today in Ireland and far beyond, with Irish names such as Maeve and Finn finding international favor. Our list of Irish baby names is full of both classic and modern Irish girls’ names and Irish boys’ names.



From the Irish word meaning ‘a vision’ or ‘a dream’, this beautiful name is gaining popularity which means it’s becoming more unlikely that people will mispronounce it. Aisling was also the name of a poetry genre during the 17th and 18th centuries. In these poems, Ireland is personified as a beautiful woman so this name has a strong connection to its cultural roots.



Thought to mean either ‘white fire’ or ‘white bull’ (derived from the Irish words for ‘white’ or ‘fair’ and ‘fire’ or ‘bull’). Fintan is a strong name that can easily be shortened to the very cool ‘Fin’.



Depending on accent, this pretty name is pronounced either Keela or Kyla and could be spelled to reflect the way you’d like it to be pronounced. Whatever way it is spelled, Cadhla means ‘a beauty that only poetry can capture’.



This boy’s name means ‘little fierce one’ or ‘little warrior’ and sounds as strong as it’s meaning suggests. With lots of ways to change the spelling, Lorcan has a heap of potential for personalization.



Meaning ‘deer’ in Irish, the name Fianna is also the feminine form of Fiann, meaning ‘warrior’. The bands of warriors led by Fionn Mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool) in the Irish legend were known as ‘Fiannas’, so this name is equal parts sweet and gutsy!



In the same legend that featured the Fiannas, Fionn Mac Cumhaill’s son Oisin (pronounced ‘oh-sheen’) was a mighty warrior and poet. The name is said to mean ‘little deer’ and although it’s very cute it will also mature well as your child ages.



Derived from the Irish word for ‘beauty’, this name is a very pretty one in both meaning and sound. Pronounced more like ‘Awl-Yill’ than ‘Ay-Lill’, this one may trip a few people up. However, it doesn’t have some of the quirky spelling that can make Irish baby names difficult for English speakers to wrap their heads around.



Pronounced ‘Tie’ or ‘Tie-gh’, this name may have the unusual spelling that can lead to mispronunciation. Thanks to its increasing popularity it’s become more and more unlikely that you will come across someone who has never heard it before. Meaning ‘poet’, ‘storyteller’, or ‘philosopher’, Tadgh has a calm, confident feel to it.



This quirky name is derived from the Gaelic word for ‘wisdom’, ‘reason’, or ‘intelligence’. Short and simple to spell, Quinn is a great choice if you want to avoid people shortening your child’s name. It can also be used for a girl or a boy.



A strong yet pretty name meaning ‘dark-haired beauty’, Branna comes from an Old Irish word for a raven, ‘Bran’. Easy to pronounce and spell, this name sounds traditional but is unusual enough to allow parents with differing tastes to come to an agreement.



Pronounced ‘Rear-dan’, this name allows you to retain the traditional Irish spelling without tripping anyone up. Thought to be an amalgamation of the Irish words for ‘poet’ and ‘king’, Riordan means ‘royal poet’.


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