Dapper Baby Boy Names For Your Little Gentleman

by | January 11, 2018

One of the biggest conundrums when picking the perfect name for a baby boy is choosing something that suits a baby but will also suit a grown man; sweet but dapper.

Sure, ‘Buddy Bear’ seems adorable now (we’re looking at you, Jamie Oliver!) but what about when he’s going for his first job interview? On the other hand, calling your newborn baby ‘Grant’ just doesn’t seem quite right either.

The trick is to find the perfect middle ground; dapper names for your little gentleman that are almost as cute as he is!

One of these names could be just the right fit for your baby boy:

Emerson – A name of German origin meaning ‘brave’ and ‘powerful’, Emerson is the perfect blend of endearing and gentlemanly.

Theodore – The best thing about this name is it’s short form is the ridiculously cute ‘Teddy’. Derived form an old Greek name, Theodore means ‘gift from the Gods’.

Gene – Originally the short form of Eugene, this more modern sounding moniker is now a name in its own right. Many dapper gentlemen have rocked this name including the original Willy Wonka (how much more dapper can you get?!), Gene Wilder.

Earnest – A name of German origin meaning ‘serious’ and ‘determined’, Earnest can easily be shortened to Ernie while your little man is still little.

Remington – Remember Remington Steele? All class. Best of all, while he’s a baby this name can be shortened to the adorable ‘Remi’.

Chester – Originally a surname, Chester is just so sweet that parents began to use it for their baby boys. Though it’s quite a darling name, it won’t sound silly when your little man grows up.

Benedict – Meaning ‘blessed’, this old fashioned name is making a comeback thanks mainly to actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Easily shortened to ‘Ben’ or ‘Benny’, Benedict is a great compromise between quirky and cute, and traditional and grown up.

Atticus – Charming and suitable for baby boys and grown men alike, Atticus is a fairly modern name with an old school feel.

We love to hear about little guys with gentlemanly names! Share yours in the comments section below.

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