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Raise Vegan CEO, Emily Wood, Welcomes New Baby

by | November 17, 2018

The Raise Vegan Family grew a little bigger this past week. Emily Wood birthed her second child, welcoming baby Teddy to the world on October 30th, 2018. “I had a truly positive birth experience, and I can truly attribute many of the great things throughout this pregnancy and birth to our vegan lifestyle.”

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Emily Wood & Family 

The woman owned company shares its mission of providing resources on plant-based and ethical living with millions of parents worldwide. Janet Kearney founded Vegan Pregnancy & Parenting, the largest network of vegan parents on Facebook with its group now at nearly 50,000 parents who actively share their vegan parenting experience and support each other in ways that were so unavailable to parents prior. Bringing Emily Wood on as her partner they’ve forged a path for parents raising vegan, bringing countless resources through Raise Vegan, the groundbreaking parenting magazine Raise Vegan Magazine, and have now launched its pilot program with Facebook, Just Ask The Dietitian which helps families access registered dietitians, take educational courses on plant-based nutrition, provides meal planning and multiple benefits to help individuals and families with transitioning to plant-based living or to continue their growth in their vegan journey.


This virtual classroom, as reported on by VegNews, offers beyond any traditional meal-planning program. Having two experts in plant-based nutrition, Dahlia and James Marin, on demand for those who join the subscription group along with the tailored curriculum makes this platform a highlight amongst other programs. Designed with busy families in mind, the meal plans make WFPB nutrition simple for anyone looking to improve their health.

“I’m particularly proud of the new Facebook platform we’ve launched. Especially while I was pregnant I personally learned so much from working with Dahlia and James. My vegan journey began after my first son was born and he was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. I quickly learned of the horrors of the dairy and animal agriculture industries when looking for dairy-free alternatives and my family made the transition to a vegan lifestyle. My experience raising vegan and throughout my pregnancy, I’ve only grown more impassioned with creating these platforms for parents. While I look forward to spending my time with our newest addition and with my incredible husband and son, I cannot wait for the new year to continue expanding our company so that families can get the information we desperately need mainstream society to acknowledge” 

Emily Wood

While there are plenty of vegan parents on social media today, I remember the lack of resources and having to spend hours searching for studies to support our transition to family. This is an empowering tool for any parent, you have the experts right there who are able to share studies with you and the real information. When aunt Jeanette raises an eyebrow saying kids need dairy to grow, you have not only the experts but also a community that is available to you right on your phone or computer. We are making changes in the world, while it’s a long and grueling process we can only hold in our hearts that we will be able to keep our planet from environmental collapse by sharing the facts and validating the fact that children can be raised vegan and maintain perfect health. By improving our families health, we positively impact the environment, and by supporting each other, our children will have a better world for it.”

Catch up with Emily on weekdays by joining her on Instagram for live feeds all about vegan pregnancy, parenting, and the newborn mommy grind.


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