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Restaurant Serves Bear Meat As Wildlife Trade Spirals “Out Of Control”

by | June 17, 2020

Investigators have revealed that a restaurant in Albania is serving bear meat to diners as the illegal wildlife trade spirals “out of control.”

The investigation by animal welfare organization Four Paws has highlighted the scale of the crisis in the country, which it says is putting some species at serious risk.

The meat from bears hunted illegally is being openly sold at a restaurant in the town of Drilon, with investigators saying this is the first time they have seen this happen in Europe.

Experts have warned that using bears in this way for food could lead to zoonotic disease outbreaks similar to COVID-19.

illegal wildlife trade monkeys
The illegal wildlife trade in Albania has been described as out of control (njmucc/Shutterstock.com)

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Illegal Wildlife Trade

The investigation in Albania revealed that a number of wild animals are being bought and sold illegally online. Among the animals traded on the websites are bears, monkey, wolves, foxes, and birds of prey.

“Severe Animal Cruelty”

“A large majority of the photographs displayed severe animal cruelty,” said Barbara van Genne from Four Paws, ” such as foxes with sealed muzzles in plastic boxes, bear cubs in chains and birds with their feet tied.”

“Four Paws has been active in Albania since 2015 but we have never seen such atrocities before.”

Although the wildlife trade is illegal in Albania, the laws are not often enforced, with many businesses purchasing the animals to entice tourists.

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