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Russian Dairy Cows Given Virtual Reality Headsets To Help Them Relax

by | November 27, 2019

Cows at the RusMoloko dairy farm in Russia have been given specially made VR headsets to help improve their living conditions.

The devices, which depict scenes of a green summer field, were custom made to fit the cows. They were also adjusted for the differences in how cows see color.

Research has shown that the more relaxed a dairy cow is, the more milk it will produce. Instead of improving the environment for animals, the farmers are looking to technology to solve the problem.

Other dairy producers in Russia are known to play classical music to relax the animals, whereas some farms in Europe are combatting stress in cows by giving them more space to roam.

Although the headsets are said to have “increased the general mood of the herd” and lessened anxiety levels, it is too soon to say if the VR devices have enhanced milk production.

dairy cows summer fields
The cows are shown images of a sunny summer field (Photo: Guitar photographer/Shutterstock.com)

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