Signs You Just Might Be Pregnant

by | November 8, 2017

We all know the most obvious signs that we’ve become pregnant. Aside from a missed period there are some interesting changes that some women’s bodies undergo during the first few weeks following conception. We asked some mamas what things they noticed that made them suspect they may be pregnant and some of them are quite unexpected!


Aversion to Alcohol

This one is pretty handy considering that it is generally recommended that pregnant women avoid alcohol. Maybe the body’s way of enforcing that avoidance?


Lack of Appetite

Likely due to the sudden increase of pregnancy hormones that cause morning sickness, a lack of appetite is pretty common early in the first trimester.


Huge Breasts!

Sometimes accompanied by tenderness, increased breast size is common later in pregnancy but sometimes occurs early on.


Increased Sex Drive

You would think that our bodies would naturally wind back the urge to make babies when we are already in the process but thanks to a surge of hormones, some ladies do feel friskier when expecting.


A ‘Feeling’

Probably one of the most common answers. Many mamas get a ‘gut feeling’ that the beginnings of a tiny human are coming together within them.



A lot of energy goes into the creation of a fetus so it’s not surprising that a newly pregnant mama is often a very tired lady.


Sore Nipples 

Our bodies go through many changes to make a baby and prepare us for their arrival, some of them less pleasant than others!


Moodiness or Being Overly Emotional

This side effect of an abundance of pregnancy hormones unfortunately may last for the entire gestation period. Be gentle with yourself and keep tissues handy at all times for those sudden teary spells. Don’t worry, it won’t last long.

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