Sprout Foods Launches Feeding App for Babies

by | July 17, 2018

New Vegan Feeding App For Babies

The largest independent vegan infant nutrition company, Sprout Foods have announced today, that they are launching a new feeding app for babies, to encourage children to eat a healthier and more plant-based lifestyle.

“Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout” is an app released with Amazon Alexa, will assist parents in encouraging children to make healthier choices through songs and sounds, and without the use of screen time, that many parents are trying to discourage.

The skill, which works with Amazon’s Echo and Dot, features three different modes, each designed to support parents’ efforts to get their children to eat healthy foods and to occupy kids during mealtime with fun, food-centric edutainment. Parents and children simply open the skill by asking Alexa to launch Sophie Sprout, then choose from three different options:

  • Songs offers nine, upbeat, kid-friendly songs, each featuring a different musical style and healthy food focus. Play songs about fruits and vegetables, like Blueberries or Butternut Squash, or the Color Song that teaches children about vibrant foods, like yellow bananas and green peas.
  • Mealtime Adventures features fun sound effects, including the traditional train and flying airplane, to get food from the spoon to your little one’s mouth.
  • Eat a Pouch with Sophie encourages children to take sips of their Sprout organic food pouches.

The Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout Alexa feeding app for babies is free to all users and requires no registration.


Source: PR Newswire

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