Vegan Children Are Healthier Than Meat Eating Peers

by | November 28, 2017

Vegan parents often find themselves defending their choices to make the healthiest, and more ethical choices for their children when it comes to their diet.


Yet, as the world becomes more wary of the horrors of factory farming, and now with companies like Monsanto targeting cow’s milk production. Parents are voicing their concerns to the rising allergy levels compared to just a few short years ago. They are not taking the advice given by old wives tales on nutrition, mostly led by money and not the health of the nation, and spending more time researching if animal products are what make us healthy. The information has been shocking.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, has blatantly stated, that “Children raised on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes grow up to be slimmer and healthier and even live longer than their meat-eating friends. It is much easier to build a nutritious diet from plant foods than from animal products, which contain saturated fat, cholesterol, and other substances that growing children can do without. As for essential nutrients, plant foods are the preferred source because they provide sufficient energy and protein packaged with other health-promoting nutrients such as fiber, antioxidant vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals”

The Harvard School of Public Health, whose study found that girls who consumed higher levels of animal protein compared to vegetable protein between 3 and 8 years of age went through menarche earlier. Nature may well have designed the human body to grow up more gradually, to reach puberty later, and to last longer than most people raised on omnivorous diets experience. So what happened? We were led to believe that no one knew why females were reaching puberty earlier. Why younger and younger girls were developing. This study clearly shows it’s animal based protein. So Why does everyone shout from the rooftops that you need ‘meat to survive’?

Even the British Dietetic Association has publicly stated, that Vegan Diets Are Suitable For Any Anyone Of Any Age. If the experts in their field think this, then why is everyone and their grandma without their degree in nutrition saying otherwise?

vegan children healthier

Have we all been swept up in an advertisers dream of convincing us that cow’s milk is healthy for our bones? When in fact, it’s so incredibly bad for our bones. The countries with the highest consumption of dairy, as the same countries with the highest osteoporosis rates. Let’s let that sink in for a second. 



Aside from the numerous studies, showing that meat is just plain bad for our health, the environment and our kids. Especially when it comes to feeding our kids something that The World Health Organization has said is a direct cause of cancer. We are failing our kids emotionally and mentally. We watch movies with them, cheering on the animals that managed to escape the big bad human who wants to cause them harm. Then sit them down to a chicken sandwich. We tell them to love animals, never cause them harm. We even talk about how harming animals is the first sign of trouble, from our armchair diagnoses of killers in the news. Yet, somehow, we rationalize this as being okay when we pay someone else to do it for us.

We even talk about how harming animals is the first sign of trouble, from our armchair diagnoses of killers in the news.

So when we feed our kids meat, take them hunting or fishing. Show them the bonding experience of shooting a living creature, while telling them that the dog can feel pain, and the cat misses her kittens. It sends a very confusing message to their ever evolving brains. They know that animals don’t want to die, and I’d suspect that being the main reason why parents would never tell their kids what REALLY happens to animals in factory farms. The news would be too distressing for them. However, if the news is too distressing, why are we still doing it?

Vegan’s are vilified for telling their children the truth. That animals can feel pain, they have family bonds and they don’t want to die. That vegan parents are forcing their unwanted belief on their kids. What about meat eating parents? Is lying and confusing their kids somehow better? Is telling them to be careful with the cat, but eat the other animal a better ‘lifestyle’ to lead.

Tell me. Which seems healthier to you. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals, or one that has been proven to be the same as feeding your children a packet of cigarettes. 




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