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Study Shows A Shift To Plant-Based Diets Would Create 19 Million Jobs

by | August 3, 2020

A new study has shown that 19 million jobs could be created in Latin America and the Caribbean by a shift towards plant-based eating.

The research was conducted by the International Labour Organisation and the Inter-American Development Bank. The findings revealed that achieving a net-zero emission economy would create 22.5 million additional jobs by 2030, with 19 million of those being in plant-based food production.

The study — Jobs in a net-zero emissions future in Latin America and the Caribbean — found that a transition to plant-based diets would be an essential component of reaching net-zero emissions.

“Greater Opportunities”

“A shift to the production of high-value fruits and vegetables would provide greater opportunities for smallholders and family farmers as well as healthier diets for the population at large,” said the study authors.

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Transitioning to a plant-based food system would create 19 million jobs (Murilo Mazzo/Shutterstock.com)

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Plant-Based Diets

Figures show that by 2030, cardiovascular disease, cancers, diabetes, and chronic respiratory diseases “will account for approximately 81 per cent of deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Many experts are in agreement that a shift to plant-based eating would be beneficial to combat this.

Additionally, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) supports the notion of transitioning to a plant-based food system, agreeing that it will help to “mitigate and adapt to climate change.”

However, it has been questioned whether such a shift is possible in Latin America and the Caribbean due to cultural norms in these regions.

Although veganism is increasing in popularity in many parts of the world, demand for meat and poultry is growing in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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