Taiwan Holds First Ever Animal Rights March

by | January 1, 2018

Sunday, December 17th. Over 150 Taiwanese people brave the cold and rain to take part in the countries first ever animal rights march.

Veganism in Taiwan has exploded over the past decade, especially among the countries youth. Many vegan food-related events have taken place in Taipei, the countries capital, over the last few years. This is the countries first event to focus solely on animal rights, and the first ever march held in the country. Many people chose a vegan diet out of concern for the animals. They are the innocent voiceless, farmed to produce meat, dairy products, and eggs.

Animal rights march organizers chanted animal rights slogans including “Animals are our friends” and “Animals are not a number” through megaphones. The crowd made its way through one of the busiest and most famous shopping areas of Taipei, Xinyi Shopping District. Attendees of the march also included Dwagie, a famous vegan Taiwanese rapper, who was there to show support for veganism and animal rights in the country. The rapper also wrote “Song Of The Slaughterhouse”. The song was inspired by the rapper’s concern for the welfare and rights of the countries most vulnerable animals.

The people behind the organization of the animal rights march were the Vegan30 group. The group are dedicated to promoting veganism and animal rights in Taiwan. They also hold workshops and lectures to help educate the public on maters including animal cruelty, and to act as a support network for people trying to pursue a vegan lifestyle.

Organizers had originally intended to arrange the march to coincide with other animal rights marches which were taking place in September around the world in cities like New York, London and Tel Aviv. Although they missed the date, organizers were keen to go ahead with the march. The group wanted to show the people of Taiwan that animal rights should be pushed to the forefront of the public’s minds.

With the increase in animal rights marches and the growing rate of veganism, is a meat free world closer than we think?

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Stop Eating Animals Sign


Originally published on The Taiwan News.

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