The Easiest Vegan Energy Balls

by | November 12, 2019

Energy balls are all the rage in the world of healthier snacks — and with good reason. These little bites are quick and easy to prepare, and easy for busy families to take on-the-go. 

This recipe from Claudia Meike is perfect for keeping on hand at home. Toss them into your gym bag for a post-workout pick-me-up or into your little one’s lunch box for a mess-free snack.

And who can complain when these little treats taste more like dessert than any kind of health food?

vegan date balls

The Easiest Vegan Energy Balls


  • Dates
  • Oats
  • Your mix-in of choice. This can be cocoa powder, nuts, nut butter, or other dried fruit or seeds.
  • Your toppings of choice. Coconut flakes, melted chocolate, and sunflower seeds are all great options.


  1. Put the date and oats into a food processor and blend until sticky and lumpy.
  2. Add nuts, seeds, other dried fruit or cocoa powder little by little until you have a sticky but dryer mixture that can be rolled into balls. This can be chunky or smooth, depending on your tastes!
  3. Roll the mixture into little balls.
  4. Roll the balls into the toppings of choice, or enjoy them as is!


The amount of each ingredient needed will depend on your flavor of choice and how many balls you want to make. If you’re using nut butter, add more oats to prevent the mixture from being too wet. If you’re using cocoa powder, or dry nuts, you may need to add more dates or even a bit of plant milk or water. The balls should be sticky but not too soft. 

You can check out this and other creations from Claudia on her Instagram.


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