The Most Hilarious Baby Shower Cards

by | September 20, 2018

You’ve picked up the perfect gift, now you just need a card. Instead of grabbing the same old generic baby shower cards with a stork on it saying “congratulations on your….blah blah blah.”

Pick up a card that’s sure to make your prego friend pee her pants. Have a look at some of the funniest cards out there, you’ll be the coolest friend at the party.

Two avocados side-by-side. One has a "pit" which looks like a baby.

For that friend who’s been craving avocado toast.

Available from Amazon, $7

A husband and wife stand over a baby. Husband says "One to two years? We can't we just upgrade to a potty-trained person?"

Mmm hmm she looks impressed….. not!

Available on Amazon, $9+

Card reads: 1 + 1 = 3, because who needs sleep anyway?

Because sleep is for wusses.

Available on Amazon, $5.50

A card from Farewell Paperie reads, "Push it real good."

You know this is one of those baby shower cards that is going to start a dance off at the shower.

Available on Amazon, $8.95

A graphic of a baby smiling. Diaper reads "You made a human!"

Yay, well done!!

Available on Amazon, $2.99

Baby shower card reads: "It's hard to find a comfortable sleeping position when you're pregnant, but that won't be a problem when the baby is born. Inside: "Sleeping won't even be an option then. Can't wait to meet baby!"

The truth hurts

Available on Amazon, $4.95

Outside of card: "Holy guacamole!" Inside: "You made one adorable baby burrito. So happy for you!", baby shower cards


A baby burrito, adorable.

Available on Amazon, $4.95

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