Top Things To Remember During Birth

by | February 16, 2018


The beautiful joy that you feel when you discover you are pregnant is like no other, you feel confident and like your body has a greater purpose! Along with this joy can come fear and worry, about the pregnancy, and about the birth. What if it hurts too much? What if something goes wrong? Can I even do this?? I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can, and you will.


If you are attempting to have a natural birth, and especially if you don’t have a partner to support you, I highly suggest looking into hiring a Birthing Doula. The word Doula is a Greek word meaning ‘woman’s servant’. Their only job is to make sure you have everything you need, feel supported and listened to, and are as comfortable as possible. It is important to make it clear to your Doula the type of birth that you have in mind, if you want to be in the water for the baby’s arrival, she’ll make sure that happens.

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So much is going on during the labor and birthing process, it can be easy to forget what your goals were and you may be easily swayed by the pain. By having a Doula there, who is aware of your every wish and who is sound minded, there is a much higher probability of the birth going as you had hoped. A 2012 Chochrane review of 22 trial cases found that when women had Doula support, they experienced 28% decrease in the risk of having a cesarean birth. Information from the Chochrane review states that women with a Doula were 31% less likely to receive Pitocin, an induction medication.


“My husband (partner) is my left hand and my doula is my right.” -Doulas Giving Birth


Once you have a good support system in place for the birth, you can focus on words of affirmation and positive thoughts. It can be extremely helpful to print out phrases like these ones below, or images that help relax you and give you confidence in yourself, you can even put them in photo frames around your house or hospital room. 

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  • My body knows how to have this baby, just as my body knew how to grow this baby
  • You can do anything for one minute, take it one minute at a time
  • I birth my baby with waves, each one rolling into the next, bringing my baby closer to shore, closer to me
  • I replace fear with faith, I trust my body’s ability to birth this baby
  • You are in pain, but you are not in danger, breathe through the contraction
  • I relax my jaw, I quiet my mind, my body will open, by baby will come
  • At some point you are going to feel like you cannot do it, that is when your baby will come
  • The power and intensity of your contraction cannot be stronger than you, because it is you


“We are the only species of mammal that doubts its ability to give birth.” –Ina May Gaskin


During the midst of labor, it is unlikely you will remember to repeat all of these positive words to yourself, which is also why having a supporter there to say them to you helps incredibly. Surrounding yourself with people you love and trust will help to calm and reassure you during your most vulnerable and intimate moment. Above all, it is most important to remember that your main goal is to listen to your body and birth a healthy baby, regardless of how it happens.


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