US Government Urged To Stop Spending Taxpayer Money At Chinese Wet Markets

by | May 10, 2020

A campaign has been launched to urge the US government to stop spending taxpayer money at wet markets in China.

The campaign — which was started by the White Coat Waste Project — has now received the support of several US senators, and is being proposed as a new bill.

The bill — known as Delilah’s Law — is a response to the US Department for Agriculture buying cats at markets for “bizarre and wasteful multi-million-dollar kitten cannibalism experiments.”

“Wasted Taxpayer Dollars”

“The U.S. government never should have wasted taxpayer dollars at China’s wet markets, and this new bipartisan bill will make sure it never does again” said Justin Goodman, from the White Coat Waste Project, in an email to Raise Vegan.

“Uncle Sam’s reckless kitten cannibalism tests involving disgusting wet markets put animal, human and global health in grave danger.”

chinese wet markets food
Live animals are sold for food and other purposes at Chinese wet markets (06photo/Shutterstock.com)

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Chinese Wet Markets

The White Coat Waste Project is working to highlight the suffering experienced at wet markets — in addition to the threat posed to human health.

The coronavirus pandemic has been linked to a wet market in China — a global health crisis that has so far claimed the lives of at least 277,000 people.

“Gruesome And Dangerous”

“China’s wet market” are gruesome and dangerous places, where wild animals—as well as cats and dogs—are slaughtered and eaten as food” states the White Coat Waste Project.

“These disease-ridden wet markets are linked to the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak and previous pandemics including SARS.”

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