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Vegan Activists Play Audio Of Screaming Animals in Steakhouse

by | December 1, 2018

Vegan activists stormed Touro Steakhouse in West Street, Brighton, on Saturday, and played recordings of cows being slaughtered as diners tucked into their steaks. 

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Picture: DxE Brighton
Courtsey: LBC

Vegan Activists held protests at Touro steakhouse

About 20 members of Direct Action Everywhere, a network of animal rights activists held up signs with photos of animals and chanted “it’s not food, it’s violence” and “there’s no excuse, for animal abuse”.

The protesters also played audio of animals being slaughtered in an attempt to put people off their food.

Footage of the demonstration begins with the person filming saying: “This smells horrible, look at all the flesh.”

One of the Vegan activists also reportedly gave a speech begging customers to question their food choices, saying: “No good person could look into the eyes of an animal and think that a meal was more important than their suffering.”

After half an hour, the protesters were ordered to leave the restaurant. There were serenaded by jeering diners chanting “you’re not singing anymore” as they were marched out. The protesters then continued their demonstration outside.


A spokeswoman for Direct Action Everywhere- the group of Vegan activists said: “In a time where we are experiencing mass environmental destruction, largely due to our unsustainable and unethical food choices, it is paramount that we put our egos and selfishness aside and accept that we are all connected.”

“Over 70 billion farm animals are reared for food globally every year, most of these intensively. Animal exploitation has become so normalized it goes virtually unnoticed but we are paying attention. People and businesses should not enjoy the product or profit of animal suffering.”

Madsu Sudan Galtam, restaurant manager at Touro Brighton said that “they didn’t do anything aggressive” but that the protest was disruptive and “annoying”. He said that phone call was made to the police but that they did not turn up. You can read the full report here

It is estimated that the number of vegans in the UK has quadrupled to 650,000 since 2011. 

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