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Vegan Astronaut Boots Launched to Commemorate the 50th Lunar Landing Year

by | July 9, 2019

It is the 50th Lunar Landing anniversary and a vegan company has come up with a really innovative way to commemorate that.

There are light-years ahead until we’ll be actually celebrating the first moon landing anniversary, taking a stroll on the lunar soil. Unlike that dreamy imagination, a vegan shoe company has managed to celebrate the first ever lunar landing, by launching the replica of the astronaut’s boot that John Glenn wore in the first ever event of human stepping on the moon.

Vegan Astronaut Boots Launched to Commemorate the 50th Lunar Landing Year
Credits: gonzoshembass/ Shutterstock
Vegan Astronaut Boots Launched to Commemorate the 50th Lunar Landing Year

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UK-Based Vegetarian Shoes Celebrates 50th Lunar Landing Anniversary with Vegan Astronaut Shoe

Commemorating 50 years since human first stepped on lunar soil, vegan-friendly shoe making company Vegetarian Shoes has launched their limited edition astronaut boot that replicates the exact boots worn by the group of seven astronauts- Mercury Seven.

According to the company on their website, the limited edition Airseal Vegan ‘space boot features the company’s proprietary, vegan-friendly, microfiber, hi-tech, water resistant, and breathable fabric’. Made in England, the shoes will be available in two finishes, white, and silver.

The original boot was worn by the first American into space- John Glenn, and the boot he wore was manufactured by Northampton-bound Hawkins boot and shoe factory in England. The shoe factory was shut down in 1995, but the design of the boots was reportedly inherited by the factory that makes shoes for Vegetarian Shoes in Brighton.

Couldn’t miss A Cruelty Free Chance to Celebrate

Speaking to media outlet Veg News, the founder of Vegetarian Shoes Robin Webb stated that the chance to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the lunar landing with their very own vegan astronaut boot was a chance simply too fun and unique to miss. “For 28 years we have been producing shoes and boots without the need for any animal products (…),” the founder stated.

The limited edition shoes are being retailed at a price of £129.95, equivalent to $163.41 United States Dollar. The shoes can be shipped worldwide and come in a unisex design. Get yours here.

What do you think about the vegan astronaut shoe launched on the 50th lunar landing anniversary? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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