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Recommendations For Minimalist Baby Nursery Essentials

by | July 9, 2019

Following the eco-conscious vegan lifestyle and overwhelmed with shopping for a newborn? For people who believe in reducing their carbon footprint and conscious living, here is a list of minimalist baby nursery essentials that can come in handy next time you go shopping. Keep scrolling to know more.

Recommendations For Minimalist Baby Nursery Essentials
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Recommendations For Minimalist Baby Nursery Essentials

When you get pregnant it can feel overwhelming with how much you need to buy for your baby. In recent years, however, there has been a shift away from accumulating a lot of ‘stuff’ toward a more simple and minimalist way of living. It is possible to keep purchases and buying new things for your baby to a minimum, to save on cost as well as worrying about having too many things.  

Each baby and parenting journey is totally different, however here are some basics that you may be able to draw inspiration from when compiling your own list for a baby shower registry, or your own shopping list. 

  1. Crib, bassinet or co-sleeper 
  2. Onesies (preferably with a two way zip for easy access for all those nappy changes) 
  3. Baby carrier 
  4. Car seat 
  5. Pram 
  6. Breast pump (either manual like a Haakaa or electric) 
  7. Swaddles/wraps (can double as burping rags and blankets) 
  8. Nappies (disposable or cloth) 
  9. Baby wipes 
  10. Breast pads 
  11. Nappy bag (if you don’t have a big handbag) 
  12. Organic oil for baby massage, and massage on cradle cap
  13. Nursing pillow 

This list is not exhaustive, but it will help you get an idea of some basic things you can buy before your baby’s arrival. 

Got more suggestions to add to the list of minimalist baby nursery essentials? Comment below.

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