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Morning Star Farms Launches Vegan ‘Veggie Classics Corn Dogs’

by | July 8, 2019

Now vegans can also enjoy corn dogs! That’s right! Morning Star Farms, a Kellogg’s subsidized vegetarian food company, has launched a cruelty-free version of their popular corn-based snack.

The veggie classics corn dogs are here for vegans.

Morning Star Farm Launches Veggie Classics Corn Dogs For Vegans
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Morning Star Farms Launches Vegan ‘Veggie Classics Corn Dogs’

The breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s subsidy, Morning Star Farms, has already pledged to ditch the use of eggs and milk from their entire portfolio by 2021. As a result, the company expects to spare as many as 300 million eggs annually.

In their latest step toward the vegan goal, the company has launched a totally animal-free version of their popular snack called Veggie Classics Corn Dogs, according to PETA. The product now comes sans egg; however, PETA warns buyers to check the ingredients before buying, since the store you are shopping from may have shuffled stocks with both the new and old versions.

Look for the vegan logo on the side of the carton, and it should also state: “Colors & Flavors from Natural Sources.”

On Way to Fully Plant-Based

As of now, roughly half of Morning Star’s offerings are vegan, and it is on track to become 65 percent by this year’s end. The company’s goal is to become fully vegan by 2021. Morning Star believes, by going entirely plant-based, they will be touching a broader base of customers.

In this year’s Expo West, the vegetarian company launched its Cheezeburger on March 7th. “The new vegan burger takes the already delicious, vegan Meat Lovers quarter pound patty and kicks it up a notch by adding ooey gooey plant-based cheddar ‘cheese,’” the Kellogg’s company said in a statement.

What are your thoughts on the new Morning Star’s vegan corn dogs? Have you tasted them yet?

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