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Morning Star to save 300 Million Eggs; Kellogg’s owned Farm going Vegan

by | March 31, 2019

Morning Star, the familiar name in the vegetarian repertoire, and a subsidy of the breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s is on its way from vegetarian to becoming vegan. If you were uninformed till now, some morning star products did contain egg-whites and milk solids (not- caring-label vegans will regret), which won’t be the case starting from now. Read on to know more.

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Morningstar Farm Transitioning to Vegan

Morning Star reportedly announced its plans to shed off eggs and milk from their farms as a step taken to go vegan. The company has announced its plans to alter their portfolio to one hundred percent plant-based by 2021. According to the company’s calculations, this step will spare as much as 300 million eggs annually and further increase the accessibility to tasteful plant-based to the masses. The transition is supposedly to affect products offered and stoked at the 25000 eating establishments and restaurants functioning across the US within K-12 Schools, colleges, university and hospital campuses. Morning Star is well received for its vegetarian offering like vegetarian burgers, sausages and chicken nuggets, most of which till date contained egg whites.

As of now, roughly 50 percent of Morning Star farm’s total portfolio is vegan, which is supposed to increase 65 percent by this year’s end and by 2021 is should reach the 100 percent limit. All famous products including the breakfast sausage patties and chicken nuggets will go vegan.

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Speaking about the transition, Kellogg’s Head of Global Marketing, Plant Based Protein- Mel Cash said the opportunity to make the transition is ‘very exciting’ to them as this will ensure they reach even a broader consumer base at home and on-the go who all strive to add plant-based proteins in their diet.

“This will also help us further our commitment to a greener world by helping to reduce the water waste, land usage, and carbon emissions associated with egg production,” he mentioned.

A Cheesy Commitment

For serving as long as forty years to the vegetarian community, Morning Star farms product is well received despite the use of egg whites. ‘The newest 100 percent plant-based innovation’ that graced the bunch of their offering is the Cheezeburger which was reportedly launched on 7th March this year at Expo West.

“The new vegan burger takes the already delicious, vegan Meat Lovers quarter pound patty and kicks it up a notch by adding ooey gooey plant-based cheddar “cheese,” said a statement of Kellogg’s company.

According to data compiled by Good Food Institute, plant-based meats are sold at 95% of the U.S grocery stores. The sale reportedly grew 22% within 52 weeks ending 11th August 2018. This move by Morning Star farms is in sync with the flow and is praiseworthy. What do you think? Let us know in comments.

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