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Gordon Ramsay Adds Vegan Breakfast with Tofu Eggs to Menu at Bread Street Kitchen

by | March 26, 2019

Gordon Ramsay is serving a vegan breakfast at his London restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen. The celebrity chef announced on Twitter Wednesday morning that he will now be serving a vegan breakfast featuring tofu eggs at his famed London restaurant.


Gordon Ramsay Adds Vegan Breakfast with Tofu Eggs to Menu at Bread Street Kitchen

Ramsay seems to be doing a one-eighty on his views of vegan food lately. The bad boy celebrity chef posted on Twitter about another vegan dish he’s added to the menu at Bread Street Kitchen. After years of bashing vegans and plant-based foods, Ramsay has discovered that tofu eggs are actually ‘tasty.’ Ramsay shared this recipe for tofu eggs in the tweet.

The addition of a vegan breakfast comes just a week or so after he added a vegan roast to his menu. Ramsay also added a vegan wellington to the restaurant’s menu during Veganuary. What is the motivation behind his sudden change of heart? The celebrity chef told late night talk show host, James Corben that ‘veganism is on the rise,’ adding that ‘we have to adapt.’ It appears that Ramsay has not only baked a (vegan) humble pie, he’s now eating it as well.

Ramsay’s renewed attitude towards vegan food has ruffled a few feathers, to put it mildly. Probably the most outspoken nay-sayer of them all has been Piers Morgan, who has lambasted Ramsay with criticism over his recent plant-based menu additions. When Ramsay Tweeted about his new vegan roast, Morgan couldn’t help himself and in his own Tweet, called out Ramsay, saying that it looked ‘utterly revolting.’ Now he’s accusing Ramsay of catering to vegans because he ‘might make some money out of it.’ Upon writing of this article, there’s been nothing from Morgan about Ramsay’s new vegan breakfast, although I’m pretty confident that there is a tirade to be unleashed any minute now.

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