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Gordon Ramsay in a Beef with Piers Morgan Over Veganism

by | March 21, 2019

In what will probably come as no shock to anyone, Piers Morgan is beefing with Gordon Ramsay about veganism. While it’s no surprise that Morgan had something to say about Ramsay’s recent post on Twitter about his delicious vegan roast at his London restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen, I think some of us are still recovering from the pleasant surprise that Ramsay is promoting plant-based dishes.


Gordon Ramsay in a Beef with Piers Morgan Over Veganism

In a reply to Ramsay’s tweet of his delicious looking vegan roast, Morgan, who just cannot help himself from getting into other peoples business, called Ramsay out using some choice words and telling the celebrity chef that his dish looked “utterly revolting,” the celebrity s**t stirrer added a few emojis to make sure his point really came across. The big mouth bad boy TV host just couldn’t believe that this is the same guy who claimed he had an “allergy to vegans.”

Ramsay was made aware of Morgans tweet during an appearance on the Late Late Show with James Cordon this week. The funny late night host held up a tablet showing Ramsay’s tweet and the revealed the response that we all probably knew was coming. Ramsay, of course, was having none of it asked was Pierse Morgan now a food critic, adding that he should “go and f**ck” himself. Watch the video here.

Both Ramsay and Morgan are notorious for blasting veganism in the past, so it really comes as no surprise that Morgan had something to say to Ramsay about his new outlook on plant-based food. Ramsay is no fool, while I’m not sure that he will be going vegan himself any time soon, he does know what side his bread is buttered on, and that butter is vegan.

Ramsay knows that veganism is on the rise and it looks like he’s trying to adapt to this new trend. It seems that Ramsay is eating humble pie these days, I wonder if it is vegan?

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