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Piers Morgan Blames Vegan Food For His Hospitalization

by | January 18, 2019

Just when I thought, Piers Morgan couldn’t be any more unreasonable than his silly reaction to McDonald’s vegan Happy Meal and Gregg’s vegan Sausage Rolls, the Good Morning Britain show host and frequent whiner is back with fresh but equally ridiculous Oh-No Vegan rant.

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Piers Morgan Blames Vegan Food For His Hospitalization

53-year-old Morgan was hospitalized recently but that doesn’t mean he will stop trolling. He tweeted from the hospital blaming vegan sausage rolls, Donald Trump, and Brexit for his condition. He has been diagnosed with gastritis and duodenitis.

Morgan surely can’t stop adding fuel to the Gregg’s Vegan Sausage Roll fire. Just to be clear here, gastritis can be caused by a number of reasons including viral or bacterial infections, irritation to the stomach lining by excessive alcohol, a side-effect of certain medications, and stress. I really don’t think spitting out a vegan sausage roll, immediately after eating it, can be termed as a stressful event. (Watch the video here)

Piers Morgan

Interestingly, while tasting and spitting out the vegan sausage roll that was deemed delicious by his co-host Susanna Reid, Piers Morgan called for a ban on using meat phraseology to name vegan food items. Advocating the ban, he illustrated an example of France as the country that has imposed restrictions on vegetarian and vegan food companies from naming their products using non-vegan food phraseology. Sadly for Piers, it looks like this too won’t reduce the growing popularity of vegan food.

Piers Morgan is back on GMB, healthy and happy than ever. And we too are happy for his recovery. As a vegan, it is fun having an arch-nemesis around.


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